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A Unique Chord Cutting Ritual

Sometimes we just need to remove ourselves from a person, a bad habit or thinking pattern, or a situation.

And while its more common to associate chord cutting rituals with cutting metaphysical or spiritual ties with a person, it can be with these other things too. Say you’re ready to finally move to that other town, or start that new job. A chord cutting ritual with your previous home or job may be useful to clear energy so whatever comes in new has the ability to arrive abundantly.

I’ve seen many witches preform chord cutting rituals in my day, many using two candles and a chord connecting them.

But honestly, one of my favorite ways to preform a chord cutting ritual is with one candle – and a luxurious bath.

I don’t think it’s any secret I favor any magick that has to do with water, baths, or showers, as you can see here.

The key ingredient in this working is walnuts with their shell on, a strange but useful ingredient that is associated with breaking ties, falling out of love – which is why they’re used in a spell like this – but also abundance and mental power.

Boiling these into a tea, and adding to a nice, self-care bath…it feels like you can do anything. It makes you feel empowered and beautiful within yourself to finally leave something behind that no longer serves you.

And that’s when you finally light the candle with intention, designate one side of the string as your current self and the other as whatever or whoever you want to let go of, and burn the chord apart – just be safe and make sure either end of the chord won’t catch anything else on fire.

You may be thinking, okay, it sounds nice, but where the heck am I going to get walnuts?

Well, Cosmic Corner not only sells walnuts, but also created an easy to grab chord cutting ritual kit with this exact and unique ritual. Convenience is magick too.

For details on the exact spell, you'll have to visit our Instagram!

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