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Plant Magick for Money

Plants are our friends!

Not only do they help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and store leftover carbon in their soil, they are full of divinity and connection to the earth. So, why not use our friends to help us manifest?

Money trees have been symbols of wealth and vitality for centuries. They make the perfect houseplant, and can tolerate low-light, and thrive in bright, indirect light. They’re pretty easy to take care of, so even those without a green thumb would love these plants.

According to Feng Shui, the braided trunk of the money tree helps trap abundance, while the five leaves represent the five elements – water, air, fire, earth, and spirit. So, they already have magick in their DNA!

But, by placing money and abundance related crystals in the soil, and charging those crystals with intentions, you can help add power to its manifestation ability. I use green aventurine with mine. But other options include citrine, tiger’s eye, or peridot.

Not only that, but water with intention! Watering is necessary for every plant, so why not do so with intention? When watering my money tree, I repeat affirmations like I have more than enough, or each time I spend, money returns three fold.

What’s your favorite plant? Let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah!

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