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Crystals for Plants

We love our plant friends like they’re our own children. So why not boost their growth with some magickal crystals?

Here are our top 3 crystal picks that aid plant growth.

1. Green Calcite

Said to help calm anxious or stressed plants, this beautiful green crystal will look beautiful nestled into the soil of your plant’s pots. It’s said to help heal plants that may be on the verge of death.

2. Moss Agate

Resembling moss, which grows pretty much everywhere with ease, this crystal will promote new growth in the plants it sits next to.

3. Moonstone

Want little plant babies? Then moonstone is perfect for you! Just as moonstone promotes fertility in humans, it can aid in the production of flowers, new growth with nodes, or runners (like in spider plants), so your plant can produce pretty babies.

Tried these crystals in your pots? Post a picture of crystals bought at our store and tag us on Instagram @cosmiccornersavannah for a change to be shared on our stories!

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