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Tarot, Oracle, and Runes

A reading can help you gain clarity, perspective, healing, and a deeper awareness. Our readers will guide you through the cards, focusing on a specific facet of your life or on the general vibe. Perfect for when you need some guidance or another perspective.

Check our calendar to see who's in store today or book for a future date with a reader of your choice.


Energy Healing

Our healers are Usui Reiki and Pranic Healing Masters. Reiki is a hands-on spiritual healing method, healing light is channeled through the healer's palms. We will first asses the state of your energetic body, then begin healing imbalances and releasing attachments in etheric body and chakras.


Akashic Records

A practiced channeler will open your Akashic Records to retrieve information regarding your spiritual path. This may mean messages from your spirit guides, ancestors, or past/future lives. Please come with 3-6 questions about your spiritual path.

(Disponible en Español con Mia)

Astro Chart

Astrology Natal Chart

Astrology is far more than just your sun sign! Hollee offers an in-depth look at your entire astrology chart and what each house means for your love, career, and spiritual gifts.


Please note the time, date, and location of your birth.

Astonomical Clock


Our practitioners offer mentorships for Tarot, general spiritual development, and Reiki certifications! All mentors have been with us for at least two years and have relevant qualifications and certifications.

Balancing Rocks
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