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More Easy, Simple, Fast Rituals for Busy Lives

As life picks back up this Autumn, whether you’re finally safe to come out of quarantine or starting to prep for the holiday season already, it may feel like magick is hard to incorporate into your daily life again.

While we’ve already shared four great tips on easy rituals for busy witches, we’ve got three more today:

1. Enchanted Watch

This is one of the most effective magicks I’ve ever worked. Enchant a watch to always be at the right place at the right time – you’ll find the bus is always there when you need it, and street lights are always green. It’ll save a few precious moments throughout the day.

2. Water Law of Attraction

If there’s something you want to manifest, visualize the feeling of having it or what it would be like to accomplish that goal next time you pour a glass of water. This infuses the water with the visualization and the manifestation, so when you drink it, it becomes part of you.

3. Candle Magick

If you’re sitting at your office, in the living room while you eat take-out, or finally relaxing with a show, light a candle that corresponds with anything you’d like to manifest or work. Pink for romance, for example, or green for abundance. Focus on your intention while you light it, and then let it do it’s magick. Just remember to blow it out as soon as you get up or leave the room.

PS, essential oil diffusers can do the same thing, just pair the scent to it’s magical association, like rosemary for productivity and clarity.

These are super easy ways to bring some magick into your busy, hectic life. Each of these takes five minutes or less to do, and fits right into your schedule – they’re even perfect for closested witches, or those who don’t want to be too obvious about magick while they’re in the office.

What’s your favorite super-fast ritual? Let us know on Facebook.

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