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Master list of Spring Rituals & Spells

If you missed Ostara or the Spring Equinox, there’s no need to worry. The flowers are still just starting to bloom and spring spells can still be done!

Spells Spring is Perfect For:

  • Long-term goals & manifestation spells

  • Fertility & Family

  • Renewal, cleansing, & purifying

In celebration of all the possible spells, we’ve got a master list of rituals and ideas for you to weave into your own practice this spring:

  1. Spring manifestation w/ A candle Write a wish or manifestation down on a bay leaf and burn in a spring-colored candle

  2. Cleansing Bath We've got an entire set of intentionally made bath salts and bath bombs to help celebrate this spring: see them here.

  3. Repot your plants Place wishes on broken eggshells, and place in the bottom of the pot where it won’t disturb the roots, and watch as your manifestation grows with the plant

  4. Place eggs on your altar, or bake & cook with egg focused recipes

  5. Give flowers as offerings to spirits, ancestors, guides, and even loved ones to brighten up their day

  6. Charm your sweet tea and lemonade so you have a sweet day

  7. Sweep out old and stagnant energy

  8. Meditate w/ or around your plants to ground you and connect with spring spirits

  9. Leave out honey and shiny trinkets for the fae

  10. Plant protective plants around your front door, feel their power strengthen as they grow.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook @CosmicCornerSavannah! And, for a bonus to tea how one of these rituals is done, check out our Instagram.

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