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The Bathroom is a Sacred Space

When you think of a sacred space, most people envision a comfy corner of their home, a spot in nature, or a temple or church of some kind.

But my mind goes straight to the shower.

To me, this is the place where self-care, self-love, and self-realization truly happen. It’s where the most physical manifestation of cleansing happens. It’s where you can look in the mirror and be reminded that you are a person, walking this earth.

Showers are a space for warmth, comfort, and cleansing. It’s a space where you wash away the old energies you no longer want. It’s where bursts of creativity and inspiration come to many. To me personally, it’s a private, vulnerable spot to cry. It’s just me, my mind, and my body.

The sink where you brush your teeth is where you work on the energy your smile can have. You make it bright, white, and genuine. It’s where you take the time to tell your brain and body it’s time to start the day and get motivated, or its time to relax, slow down, and enjoy the evening.

A mirror is an opportunity to look at yourself, watch yourself take in a deep breath, and express some gratitude for that breath. For the glimmer in your eyes. To see how far you’ve come.

Because of these little sacred moments the bathroom gives us, there’s no reason we shouldn’t dress them up, or bring more magic to them. There’s no reason to not use bath bombs that have scents and ingredients that put us in a desired mood or encourage us to relax. To use natural soaps where the herbs have different correspondences we can match to what we want to let go or bring in. There’s no reason to not write sigils in the droplets gathered in the mirror from the shower’s steam. Or even to drink a warm cup of tea while we relax in the tub, or after we brush our teeth, to sooth us and bring magic into our sleep.

Sacred moments, and ritual, and self-love can be found in any moment, any time, and any place. But to me, it won’t get anymore vulnerable than a space where it’s just you and your thoughts. A space you can personally come to daily.

For me, that’s the shower. The tub. The sink. The bathroom.

Check out our self-care section to bring magic to your bathroom.

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