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What Digital Witchcraft is and Why it Matters

The digital frontier is invisible, but hovers constantly in the air around us. It’s influenced our marketing, our education systems, and even the age-old practice of witchcraft.

The true magic of digital witchcraft is that anyone can participate in it, secretly if needed, without any costs.

And that appeals to the main age group growing special interest in all things occult - young adults and teenagers.

Forms of digital witchcraft span all areas from manifestation to divination, and even self-care or shadowwork. There are emoji spells, digital sigils, any other sneaky ways to type spells into Instagram captions or tweets.

For those interested in divination, YouTube has an abundance of free pick-a-card tarot reading, and Googling a random tarot card generator only takes three seconds.

Apps like Calm, and even the normal notetaking app can encourage young and old witches alike to take some time to meditate and work on their mental health. Educational YouTube videos and a whole tag on Tumblr can show how to navigate these apps with shadowwork in mind for more magickal healing.

The idea of digital witchcraft is spreading and evolving as time goes on, and as more witches take time to curate digital experiences for traditional items – there’s even websites for digital altars these days – the more available it becomes for those who need it.

Witchcraft inspires empowerment and healing to those who use it, and is such a personal practice it can lead to self-discovery. With so many benefits spiritually and emotionally, witchcraft should be available and easily accessible to absolutely anyone.

Digital witchcraft does just that – it provides free spaces for emotional healing and growth. And with the stigma around witchcraft slowly subsiding, the digital aspect of witchcraft allows it to be done in secret until the practitioner feels comfortable enough to share on their own terms.

Do you implement digital witchcraft into your practice? Let us know in the comments below.

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