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Pink Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio is Closing a Larger Cycle 

Pink moon full moon in Scorpio
Pink Full Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio full moon, also called the Pink Moon, is taking place from April 23rd - April 25 and is working with the larger cycle that began on the Aries total eclipse and peaked on the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Here's how the first full moon since the eclipse is connected to the two biggest astrological events we have seen so far this year:  

Aries Eclipse Sets Us Up 

On 4/8 we had the total solar eclipse, the new moon in Aries. Mars is the ruler of Aries and in modern astrology Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, however, using traditional astrology we can see how these two lunar phases are directly linked. The traditional ruler of Scorpio, up until the 1930s when it was discovered, was Mars. So here we have a new moon and a full moon with the same planetary ruler, making this its own cycle within a cycle (within in a cycle). 

Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Brings a Breakthrough 

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, the opposite and sister sign of Scorpio, came right off the heels of the eclipse, giving us another chance to work with fate. This was thought of by many astrologers as almost a third eclipse. As I said in my article about the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, due to the nature of Taurus representing slow and sustained growth, we may have received not a fully formed idea, opportunity or breakthrough but a seed of inspiration or insight instead. Now, that seed may have a chance to be cultivated, or reveal itself to us if we are unsure of what we have been given, on this full moon. This is a chance to ground and grow the essence of potential that the eclipse and the conjunct brought. 

Find where the Taurus conjunction is in your chart, what house and if there are any planets there, and the opposite house will hold the energy waiting for you for this full moon in Scorpio. These two houses, opposites but connected by a shared energy, will tell you the story of these celestial events and what it means for you. Something is growing and building, even with this full moon the totality of what it is will still not be understood, likely. More time is needed, but this full moon will certainly reveal more of the dark and unknown. Like a flower unfolding in the moonlight, we are getting a momentary glance into what this seed holds. 

Scorpio Full Moon Reveals the True Nature 

This Scorpio full moon is here to put that final piece of the puzzle together. If you have know idea what happened, if anything, on the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction on April 20th, the Scorpio full moon may reveal the answer to you. It's worth nothing, especially when we have these major events, that we can get too in our head about what is “supposed” to be coming through. Not everything worthwhile and significant in our lives feels that way, especially at first. We need to remember that astrology is not about these crazy things happening to us, it is truly and simply just about our lives. Life is mostly mundane, with some surprises along the way. The blessing you could be cultivating might not be this larger than life moment or thing, it might simply be, in Taurus and Venusian fashion, simply a way to bring more fulfillment, pleasure and authenticity into your world. Do not negate the little things, for that is where the true nature of divinity and prosperity lie. 

End of a 6 Month Cycle 

Remember I said a cycle within a cycle, within a cycle? This full moon also goes back to the Scorpio New Moon last November and is closing the loop that began then.  What was going on around November 13th, 2023? That new moon planted the seeds that are ready for harvest now. It's possible it didn't turn out the way you planned -- there was probably some sort of transformation of what you thought you were being given, and developing. Now, the end result may be surprising, or may just be something that looks entirely different than what you thought it was you were working on 6 months ago. Whatever it is, it hopefully went through the process of becoming more authentic in its transformation, as Scorpio decrees. Our desires set the stage with the Scoprio new moon, but often what we want needs some tweaking to get it into alignment with our deeper desires below the surface. Now, that deeper alignment is revealing itself. 

Full Moon in Scorpio 

Scorpio is the sign of death, resurrection and transformation. It is watery but fixed, meaning we can feel jarringly out of control of our emotions while the moon moves through this emotional, yet controlled sign. Scorpio is a sign that feels all of the feelings, but it isn't very happy to do so. Scorpio is struck by the emotional waves that rise up from the depths of their own underworld, powerful emotions connected to the deepest inner resources of their being, and the shadowy collective underworld. Scorpio meets this intensity with their version of control, wading into the depths of their own accord, choosing with calculation what will be met now and what will wait for later. This is why Scorpio is so suited for their role of secret holder, and secret revealer. When the time is right, Scoprio reveals the secrets they have been guarding. It's quite possible this full moon will have secrets to share with you, or you may find your own secrets exposed if you're not careful. 

But it's not just secrets that come out when the moon is in Scorpio -- it is that which is hidden. Maybe this will give you the missing piece of the puzzle that the Jupiter Uranus conjunction began to piece together. Perhaps, the time has come for a major transformation. Are you ready to shed your skin and begin again? We look to the archetype of the snake for guidance. We can uncover, reveal and peel back the masks of us, the outer layer we hide within. This process of transformation is sensitive, raw and vulnerable. Taking guidance from Scorpio, it's best to do these things in the dark and in our own privacy so we can protect our vulnerability until it's strong enough to be revealed to others. Maybe this reveal and re-emergence is what the Scorpio moon has in store for you, or maybe you have just begun the shedding process. 

A Word On Shedding Our Skin 

As someone who has had major Plutonic/snake shedding moments, I always think back to what Leonard Cohen said in his song, What Happens to the Heart, “born again is born without a skin.” What does it mean when we go through the Tower card moment, or the 10 of Swords moment, where we leave behind the safety and comfort that only clothing, that only a mask, can provide? When we are without covering our soul, our authenticity, how does that change how we must show up in the world? We developed our masks for a reason, that reason being that the world can be incredibly harsh, and our sensitivity makes us vulnerable. How, then, can we move forward with our spiritual work of destroying the false self and being visible as our true self? For that, Scorpio has some answers. Scorpio, like Cancer, is highly selective and protective about who they reveal themselves too. Perhaps there is something to be said about cultivating an environment around you in which it is safe to be authentic. In which the people around you are also allowing their authenticity to shine. This begs the question we should be asking, how much of our inner work needs to be outer work? Outer work in the sense that we work to build communities and daily environments where we are empowered to express ourselves truly, in which we no longer feel the threat that comes from taking off the mask but a celebration of who we are instead. These things have to be forged, built and created with deliberation, intention and calculation. Often, we have to leave the environment we came from, as that is the environment that forced us to mask in the first place. Here we have Pluto’s ever present lesson to us: transformation is never without some kind of death, or loss. Pluto doesn't deal with anything easy or light. It is here to penetrate the human experience, to piece a hole in the veil of control we have created and to expose the dark truth -- the lies, pain and deception of living outside of our authenticity.

What is ready to be revealed and reborn in new authenticity, and how can you protect it? 

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