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New Moon in Taurus

This earthy new moon is ruled by Venus, planet of love, harmony and beauty

New Moon in Taurus begins Tuesday May 7th

The first new moon since eclipse season is upon us, beginning Tuesday May 7th. This moon is blessing us with new beginnings bathed in the nourishing and Venusian energy of Taurus. This moon is all about Venus so we can see growth and expansion in the areas Venus rules over, such as relationships, art, values and pleasure. 

New Moon Meaning 

The new moon is a time to set intentions that start off a fresh cycle. We want to harness the energy of potential around us and invest in the areas that our naturally bound to evolve alongside the moon cycle. In this case, this energy is coming from the sign of Taurus, ruler of stability, security, sensuality, growth, grounding and matters of the material world. Look to the house in your chart where Taurus rules and that will tell you what is ready to grow. Remember, since we’re working with Taurus, whose motto is slow and steady, this growth is bound to take time and requires continuous nurturing to see it to life. 

Taurus Stellium 

This new moon is happening while there is a stellium in Taurus. A stellium is where 3 or more planets are in the same sign. This expands the energy of that sign, magnifying and concentrating it, though we should be mindful not to let that energy lead us into rigidity as can sometimes happen with stelliums. 

Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and the Sun and the Moon are all in Taurus for this new moon. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus, meaning that Taurus is its domicile, so it is very happy to be at home in this sign. The energy of Venus is expressed here exactly as she wants in harmony to who she is and what she represents. The moon is also quite happy in Taurus, as this is her exalted position. This means that though Cancer is the domicile of the Moon, the Moon loves being in Taurus. She loves the way Taurus nurtures through the senses and through practical ways of support and care. The energy of Venus is intensified during this lumation, which is generally a lovely thing for us to experience down here on the ground. Because Taurus is an earth sign, this energy is able to be expressed and channeled in a grounded, realistic way, while the pricinales of Venus bring us closer to harmony, love and fulfillment. 

Mercury RX Shadow 

Mercury is still in its retrograde shadow, so we may still be running to some murky communication or technology problems, but on May 13th we will officially be out of the woods. 


This new moon opens a fresh cycle for us, one that will take time and commitment to see through to the end. We are growing our values and hopefully bringing more fulfillment and harmony to our day to day lives. This is a great moon to invest in what matters most to you, perhaps the people around you and the art that you create. As Taurus is a sign in harmony with the natural world, spending time communing with nature is ideal for celebrating this new moon. 

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