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The Spiritual Meaning of Bells

A couple blog posts ago, we talked about the spiritual meaning behind pine and pinecones, a common holiday décor item for winter. And today, we want to talk about bells.

Bells are absolutely gorgeous. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can make a multitude of different angelic sounds. They’re heard ringing with Santa on the streets this time of year, asking us to be gracious with our spare change. They’re hung up against the mantle to add a bit of golden light to an otherwise sunless time of year.

But when it comes to spirituality, bells have so much more depth than looking pretty. They represent the divine themselves because of their light, ringing tone. They can drive away “evil” or negative spirits, or anything you want to dispel, just with their sound. Old churches used to ring them before a storm an in attempt to send it another direction. A more modern approach is to hang them on your door handles.

A less common association with bells is their connection to raw creativity.

Their sound can send vibrations through the air that are said to clear blockages, so if you’re feeling less than creative, a nice sound bath with bells could reset your mind.

Because of this, bells hung up around the holidays will do more than just spread holiday cheer. They’ll lighten the home and protect it. Make sure to jingle those bells every once and a while to clear spaces and curate a creative environment.

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