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The Magick in your Holiday Decor

Every year we adorn our houses with bells and garlands, pinecones, we drink hot chocolates and cinnamon flavored drinks. But what if I told you there was magick in all of that? That each of these seemingly just festive décor options had spiritual meaning and magick in them.


Pinecones are popular to string up this time of year, be placed around candles, or thrown in the fire to add a special scent to our winter fires. Did you know they’ve been around three times longer than even flowers? They’ve evolved to have sacred geometry in their DNA.

They are seen as representations of our third eye, and thus, our spiritual enlightenment. This is perfect for cold, dormant winter months. We can really manifest spiritual development, and have pinecones around the house encouraging seeing with our third eyes to make realizations for the new year.


Pine trees and garlands are set up around the house or strung up on stair banisters and fireplace mantels. Pine is associated with resilience and steadiness. It’s here to look pretty in our homes, but also encourage good health and resilience through winter months. It can also help encourage remaining strong with plans, ideas, and projects. Burning its incense is said to be cleansing and renewing.

What other winter decorations do you want to hear more about. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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