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Saturday's Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

The final eclipse of the year takes place days before Halloween, and you won't want to miss it!

Photo by <a href="">Altınay Dinç</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

On October 28th we will have our full moon in Taurus and the year's second, and last, eclipse. This moon is bringing us back a tad to the lessons we learned and our experiences when the north node was in Taurus. This full moon is a busy one, with a conjunction to lucky Jupiter in Taurus and oppositions with Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. The full moon is a time of culmination and harvest, and this one is wrapping up a cycle that started two years ago in Scorpio season of 2021 when the nodes were in the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This eclipse, a Taurus moon during Scoprio season, has us revisiting the themes we dealt with when the nodes were in these signs, having since moved to the Aries/Libra axis. We may want to look at where the Taurus/Scorpio axis exists in our own birth chart to see how this will affect us personally. This will give insight into where we are feeling this energy and what themes are ready to be completed for us. We are asked to look at our needs and feelings or areas of lack. This moon is inviting us to find fulfillment in the tangible, material aspects of life while the season of Scorpio has us focused on the mystery of existence and the emotional aspect of possession. This is also pushing us to connect deeper with our desires and some level of self-interest. If you read the September Tarot-scopes, you’ll remember the card of the month was the Empress. This is preparing us for more – more of what we want, more of what we deserve, and more self-belief in our value. This full moon carries that theme to fruition, or at least this current cycle of fruition. This full moon is creative and exciting, and things that we have been sitting on are begging to finally be shared. However, because Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury are in hard aspects (even though, this moon conjunct Jupiter actually brings positive blessings), this energy is more intense and may be harder to find harmony with. There may be issues in the expression of what we have realized during this moon, or we could find our relationships take a rocky turn with the heightened emotions this moon brings. We have the choice, however, to accept the chaos and any feelings of lack or tension we find and use them to propel us into huge transformation. Scorpio is the sign of transforming the rubble and dirt into diamonds. It does this by getting down and dirty, by diving deep into the muck, and not flinching at what it finds there. Instead, it uses it to activate and inform its next transformation. Always getting closer to the true nature, peeling back each conditioning one layer at a time.

Ecplises tend to reveal to us dysfunction in our own lives. This eclipse season, which will end with this final eclipse on Saturday’s full moon, has been highlighting dysfunction and imbalance in our relationships. The energy now is intended to bring us closer to ourselves – to our needs, desires, our values. Both eclipses this season, the first being the October 14th new moon in Libra, are ruled by the planet Venus, so our values, sensuality, relationships, and creativity have been the focal point. If we surrender to this energy, we can find ourselves growing, expanding, and deepening into more of who we are, more of what is meant for us, and leave behind ways in which we have played small, abandoned ourselves, or identified with a narrative of lack. The themes and lessons of the past two years are ready to be let go of once and for all, and it is coming to a final close with this Taurus full moon.

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