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How to Begin your Own Tarot Study

If you’ve always wanted to learn tarot, you may be wondering the best way to learn. And while in-person, we offer a few tarot classes every year, you may be far away from Savannah, or simply more interested in solo-learning.

My first recommendation is to pick a day and a time that works for you!

Maybe it’s in the morning before the kiddos wake up. Maybe it’s in between classes if you’re a student.

For me personally, I do mine Sunday after church services that I have to attend for my job. It’s a good way to reconnect with myself and my beliefs after hearing other people’s. But if you are Christian, it may be a good time because it extends your spiritual dedication even outside of the sanctuary.

Now, there are lot’s of different ways to study tarot, including flashcards and researching meanings and all that jazz.

If you’re an absolute beginner, learning what each suit / element means, then learning what each number / court generally means, that’s usually the best way to get a baseline understanding of what the cards mean.

For everyone, I would pick learning 1-3 cards a day, depending on how much time you have.

You can go in order, randomly draw them and give yourself a reading, or just draw them. I usually just draw.

Another way is to see what images and keywords come to mind when looking at a card you just pulled.

This will help connect yourself to the card, and develop a deeper personal meaning with the card. Flip over the card and really look at the pictures and the colors and see what comes through. Write down the feelings you get, the random thoughts, the keywords. If it’s a yes, a no, a maybe so.

And, though we all may hate it…review your notes.

When I was in school I never went back to notes to “study.” I disliked it. And I still find it difficult to go back to my notes now, even about subjects I love and choose. But, it is essential to retaining your personal associations and meanings, instead of always relying on generalized meanings.

Remember, you being the reader is what makes the card meanings special and hold meaning for those you read for.

You can also check out our books on tarot in case you love to read to learn.

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