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October Tarotscopes for Each of the Zodiac Signs

House tarot reader and astrologer, Hollee Spring, gives the zodiac signs insight into this astrologically packed month

Tarotscopes and horoscopes for the zodaic signs for octover
October Tarotscopes 2023

October Astrology

October is an astrologically intense month with a few major events taking place. On October 14th, the New Moon in Libra kicks off eclipse season – a time of fate in which the moon is intimately intertwined with the nodes of destiny. Eclipse season is generally chaotic and uncertain, revealing to us things that we have missed, ignored, or have been unable to connect with. Though this time tends to be activating due to the fact that we can’t control it, it is a time of surrender and trust that the Universe will do its part in co-creation to support the efforts we have been putting in on our path throughout the year. This month sees each of the zodiac signs going through their own experience with shedding and release – for many, this will deal with relationships we have outgrown or patterns of self-sacrifice for others. We are given a chance with the Aries/Libra nodal axis to find a healthy balance between the prioritization of our own self and interests, and the needs and interests of others. This is the first eclipse we will experience in this axis, having now moved from the Taurus/Scorpio axis we were dealing with from January of 2022 through July of 2023. Then, the collective was dealing with themes of possession/possessions, material belongings and security. Now, we are moving towards our individual desires and life path, and letting go of expectations of others and self-betrayal/abandonment that come from attempts to please people. On October 23 we leave Libra season and enter Scorpio season. On October 28th, we have a very big lunar eclipse on the full moon in Taurus that will see us going back slightly to the themes we worked with when the nodes were in Taurus/Scorpio. That will be the last eclipse of the month, and from that point we can resume manifesting (as it is generally not advised to

manifest during eclipse season due to the unpredictability of the moon and also, because this is the time in which we are letting Spirit do Their part of the job, trusting that we have already shown up and put in the work necessary.) This month may be more emotionally intense, but this will most likely be coming from our own anxiety and the fact that we may be experiencing changes of which we can’t yet see the big picture. We are all being asked to let go of thoughts, people and things in big ways. This is in perfect alignment with the cycle of our Earth, who is also beginning her great shredding period before she enters her mini death of winter. Slowly, under the surface, she is transforming her old life into new life, which we are blessed with in the spring. Our process mirrors hers, and we are preparing for rebirth in big ways. First, however, we must let go to open up this space.

Don't forget to read for your Sun, Moon and Rising!

Aries: Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups is reflective of a particular season of our lives in which things are more chaotic and uncertain. We often feel as if you haven't a clue what is going on here – and that's for good reason. Eclipse season is directly connected to you, Aries, as we are now working with the Aries/Libra axis for the first time in over a decade. The North Node of destiny is in the sign of Aries, conjunct your Sun, so there are many changes on their way to you, namely as it pertains to your life path. As such, this month may be chaotic and unclear as you are extra affected by the eclipse – a time notorious for its connection to fate and unpredictability. The Knight of Cups is divine intervention coming in and taking you for a ride. The journey itself may be chaotic, but when you land, which I promise you will, you will find yourself on new shores, moving in a direction that was previously unavailable to you. That is the magic of Knight of Cups: it tell us that if we can let go of our ideas about where we should be and where we are going, and if we can surrender to where and what the Universe is showing us right now, whole new pathways will open that will connect us deeper to our true calling. So hang on, keep your center through the chaos and trust that, even though clarity comes last, you are being assisted in big ways right now through Universal energies. The thing that will bring the most ease is to try your best not to get overly emotional or activated by this process and to lean into trust.

Taurus: Death

First thing I always have to say when the Death card comes up: don’t freak, this is actually good! And makes perfect sense for you this month, Taurus. We are not only entering “death season” towards the end of this month when Scorpio takes over, but one of the most powerful full moons of the year is happening in your sign this month. This is bringing powerful opportunities of deep release – so much so that parts of you are ready to “die” and be surrendered to the sacred flame where life can be born anew. The Death card is one of transformation. It does not wish for us to bypass any feelings of loss or grief associated with this process but it does promise new life – specifically, transformed life. Remember that anything that is let go of now will turn to compost in the soil, providing the necessary nutrients for the new to grow. In this way, all things are eternal and born from themselves. This month is an opportunity to witness first hand the cyclical nature of all things – a perfect circle where we are constantly growing, shedding and evolving. Big transformation is available to you, if you are ready to surrender what needs to be let go of to allow this transformation to take place.

Gemini: 6 of Pentacles RV

With the Libra South Node trine your Sun, this month will bring support by highlighting the necessity to let go of old relationships, patterns and conditionings. Karma from the past is coming back, and if you have been giving from an aligned place you may find these blessings return to you with abundance. However, if you have been stuck in people pleasing tendencies or have readily sacrificed yourself for another you are now being shown areas in which you can regain balance and release old patterns. Some things must be let go of, other things must be healed. Be mindful of the energy you are sending out – sometimes we find ourselves receiving with the 6 of Pentacles and other times we are the one doing the giving. This is a constant ebb and flow in which we cycle between these roles – hopefully. This month is asking you to pay attention to the flow of reciprocity as you navigate the transformational energies of release that are in store.

Cancer: 6 of Swords

The Sun in Libra and the South Node in Libra are square your Sun, creating the necessary tension for you to begin your own shedding process. 6 of Swords in a journey in shedding, it is not a moment but a cycle we find ourselves in for a period of time. Cancer, you are skilled at moving through your emotional and inner world and that is exactly what you are being asked to do this month. In this case, this will have to do with things that you have been holding on to from the past. It's time to take a journey through the subconscious waters to heal the wounds that you may have forgotten about. Luckily, (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) the 6 of Swords means that these old wounds will be brought to our attention through external triggers – this is to give us the opportunity to become aware of them so that we can then heal them and release any emotional baggage. With the South Node in Libra providing this tension, you can expect these wounds to be connected to past relationships and self-sacrifice or self-abandonment in service to others. You are intended to move lighter and freer.

Leo: 7 of Swords RV

Leo, you have been experiencing the lessons of Venus in Leo, retrograde and direct, since early July. The retrograde in particular probably held many lessons for you, not always in the most welcomed ways. However, now as Venus exits your sign, you are being asked to utilize what you have learned from her stay there. 7 of Swords RV is a deep shedding of old narratives and thought patterns that we are done with. Often, this is connected to feelings of lack, not enoughness or the fear of not having enough. It's time to integrate the healing energies of self-love that Venus in Leo offered, as well as all the information about your true self, your heart, your desires and creativity that it revealed to you and let go of all that does not align any longer with the new stories you are weaving. It is time to write an updated tale about who you are and what you hold – like the falling leaves, allow these old pieces of yourself and your former conditionings to fall away with the changing season.

Virgo: 8 of Wands

Change is coming this month. 8 of Wands usually speaks to external change, though this could be experienced as internal changes as well. On Oct 9th Venus enters your sign, making her conjunct your Sun. Could this be where this change is coming from? Perhaps. As Venus begins her stay in your sign you may experience changes connected to your values, relationships and your level of fulfillment. This will probably be generally positive unless there are other elements of your chart affecting this, and you may begin to experience new levels of your creativity and your sense of belonging on a personal level. As we move through the month, Jupiter will form a trine with Venus bringing an added element of abundance and expansion in this area and your creative projects may take on added significance with the introduction of important opportunities to expand your craft and embrace more of your own sense of self without self-judgment or self-criticism. Ample opportunities and lessons around self-love, which will most likely be connected to external factors/situations. All in all, when 8 of Wands shows up it affects each of us in a unique way, never bringing the same gift twice, but always bringing us something that benefits our (individual) world at this moment in time.

Libra: 2 of Pentacles

Re-organization and re-evaluation are in the air for you, dear Libra. You are the sign of balance, and this season of yours is a time of balance. Pair that with the connection to the nodes of destiny with the South Node in your sign, and we have a major balancing act taking place. Some things must be let go of to make space for other things. You can’t hold it all, no one can, and this time period is pointing out to you what is important for you to prioritize and what is important to release. This may be connected to letting go of people pleasing or overextending ourselves for others/over giving in our relationships and coming into balance with the Aries North Node which is pointing towards a commitment and prioritization of self and self interests. Allow anything that is naturally falling away to go, you don’t need to hold on right now out of fear of lack or feelings of obligations. Your energy is finite and you are being given clear insight now into what is valuable for you to keep in your life and to take on a larger role in your life, and what must be put down to do so.

Scorpio: Wheel of Fortune

This is a big season for you with the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse taking place in your season, opposite your sun. You are being given a helping hand this month; lucky Jupiter is coming to your aid via the Wheel of Fortune and with it comes one singular message: surrender and trust. (Ok, two messages.) This is divine intervention taking the wheel – you don’t have control right now and that's okay. Jupiter is a planet of good fortune and blessings so we can trust when the Wheel of Fortune is with us that things are working out for our highest and best, even if in the moment we aren’t quite sure how. This is one of those times in which we have to trust that the process, messy as it may be, will turn into something beautiful. It's important not to judge it before it's complete and equally important not to let it throw you from your beam as it takes you on this journey. Trust yourself and the changes happening now. Magic is taking place.

Sagittarius: Page of Swords RV

The transit North Node in Aries is trine your Sun, further illuminating your path and providing opportunities and a natural flow towards your destiny. The Page of Swords RV comes to us when are are starting a journey further down our path – in this case this is directly connected to the information we wish to share with others/the world in a teacher role. In the reversal, this speaks to encountering the imposter syndrome that comes up as we begin to get more visible with what we are sharing. It's important to remember that we, and especially you, Sag, are in a continuous state of expansion through new knowledge and experiences. This means you will always be the student and you will always be the teacher – all at once, for the rest of your life. It is not essential that we know everything there is to know before sharing what it is we do know – of course, we want to be transparent about where were are in our journey, but let's face it, you know what you are doing and you have valuable insights and wisdom to share that the rest of us benefit from receiving. So don’t be afraid to show up and start sharing your ideas, thoughts, knowledge and the magic of your innate curiosity. It is leading you down a path right now that is directly connected to your purpose and your future.

Capricorn: 3 of Pentacles

This month is a great time to get serious about your path. With this Aries/Libra Nodal Axis we are all working on moving forward on our path on some level – for you, this looks like a very literal commitment to what it is that you are doing/creating. This goes deeper, however, then just being committed to the work, as work ethic is not a struggle for you at all, Cap. This card is asking you to believe in the value of what you are doing, what you are bringing to the table and the way that you are doing it. This card is asking for deeper self-belief and deeper self-assurance that you are the only person who can do what your doing the way you are meant to do it. This is a practical card that wants us to really engage with the work we do on our path and lay critical foundations for our continuous growth in that area. Jupiter is making a trine with your sun, expanding your already impeccable abilities to put in the hard work and make serious inroads. Opportunities to further on your path and engage deeper in your work could be coming up now and in the following months.

Aquarius: 2 of Swords

2 of Swords comes to us when we are feeling pressure to make a decision or take some kind of definitive action – so much pressure in fact that by time the 2 of Swords comes up in a reading, we’re usually already bogged down by our anxiety. The message of this card is simple: wait. Your sun is trine the Sun in Libra and the South Node in Libra, so there are things to let go of and move forward from, but the advice right now is to wait a little longer before taking big action or making a big decision under pressure. Something else may just open up with divine timing. 2 of Swords urges you to get in touch with your intuition and to utilize the messages you receive from there to lead you in your decision making. This is not a time to over intellectualize but to feel your way through instead. Use this month to try and find stillness, and you may just find that the answers and pathways you are looking for open up the minute you do. With the trine influencing your sign right now, movement forward should feel natural and intuitive.

Pisces: Justice RV

Justice RV speaks to the acknowledgment of what is, instead of dwelling on what we wish was. This is not a submissive acceptance of that which we find unjust and intolerable – not in the slightest. It is instead a way of working with the present moment and the injustice we may find there and utilizing all the resources available to us to make real, concrete and lasting changes for the future from this moment here. It forces us to confront reality, and you may find this month it's harder for you to avoid or escape in the ways you normally might to self-soothe or cope. This is pushing you to face reality so that you can actually have a hand in changing and creating it. Saturn is currently your sign, so these lessons around having awareness of the limit are working to help you mature in a way that facilitates long-term success for you and your dreams. Justice asks us to look at any areas we see injustice in and it asks for us to take a solid and steady, real-world approach to make changes in our lives and in our world that impact our future for the better, bringing us closer towards justice, harmony and fulfillment.

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Danielle C
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When you say “Don't forget to read for your Sun, Moon and Rising!” Do you mean that we need to look at all three as themes for this month?

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