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February Tarotscopes for the Zodiac Signs

Find out what awaits each zodiac sign this month through the lens of tarot and astrology

Tarotscopes and intuitive astrology hollee spring

Before we get into our tarotscopes for each sign, here are some dates to keep in mind:

February 2024 Astrological Transits

  • February 4: Mercury enters Aquarius and forms conjunction with Pluto 

  • February 9: New Moon in Aquarius

  • February 12: Mars enters Aquarius

  • February 16: Venus enters Aquarius and forms conjunction with Pluto

  • February 19: Pisces begins as the Sun enters Pisces 

  • February 19: Chiron forms Conjunction with North Node in Aries

  • February 21: Venus forms Conjunction with Mars in Aquarius (last conjunction was March 6th 2022)

  • February 22: Mercury enters Pisces

  • February 24: Full Moon in Virgo

  • February 28: Sun forms Conjunction with Saturn in Pisces 

February Tarot-scopes for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: 8 of Wands

Change is in the air, and it is swiftly approaching. The 8 of Wands, a card that signifies lighting quick change, is fitting as one of the biggest astrological events of the year is happening in your sign later this month. On February 19th, Chiron – an asteroid that represents our core wounds – will conjunct the North Node – our destiny, future and place of growth – in the sign of Aries. This incoming change could be a new perspective that allows you to heal something deep within yourself, bringing you one step closer to what you are meant for. 

Taurus: Ace of Cups

A new beginning approaches, and it’s full of love. The Ace of Cups represents a time of deepening into self-love and the love within our relationships. It could perhaps indicate a new relationship or could speak to the relationship we have with ourselves. Jupiter has been in your sign for almost a year now and until February 12th it is trine Venus in Capricorn. This is the perfect energy for expanding your inner foundation of emotional security, fulfillment and abundance. Spend some quality time with your inner and emotional world, bringing love to what you find and leaving self-judgment behind. 

Gemini: 5 of Swords 

The 5 of Swords speaks to a more tense time in our lives. We may feel under attack and conflict could be higher than normal. The best course of action is to think before acting. What is your end goal? Be sure not to act in ways that aren’t truthful to who you are just to get the upper hand. You may be feeling the energy of Pluto just beginning to trine your sun, and the increase in power should be used wisely and morally otherwise it will come to light. The South node in Libra is helping you let go of relationships that are no longer serving you, and it's worth deciding if some of those relationships are ready to be let go of now, instead of continuing a futile fight. 

Cancer: 6 of Swords


Have you been on the theme of letting go? Well, it continues this month. Saturn has been providing a journey and process of maturity, and the square to the south node has been showing you what needs to be let go off. The 6 of Swords is the combination of this energy. This month may be emotional, but in a more analyzing your emotions kind of way than in a feeling them way. There are things that are ready to be let go off that you have stored deep in your subconscious. Do not be afraid when they bob to the surface, they are giving you the chance to release them for good. 

Leo: 4 of Swords 

The 4 of Swords holds the energies of pause and rest. The Sun sits opposite your natal sun now, which means you are at the halfway point to your birthday. The message is to use this time to take a beat and reflect. Have your goals and ambitions changed since the summer? The 4 of Swords invites re-evaluation and a chance to surrender. If something isn't working don’t get stuck in your fixed sign stubbornness – this method often works for you but it won’t right now. Instead of pushing when you meet resistance, try leaning in and choosing intentional surrender. 

Virgo: RV 5 of Wands 

The 5 of Wands reversed brings some chaotic energy, but it's important to know that, as the kids say, it's not that deep. Tension and conflict now is not much more than misunderstanding and heated emotions, and it's best not to add fuel to it by making it larger than it is. There is a positive energy around you thanks to Jupiter opposite your sun, but these blessings may come in disguise at first glance. This is why it's best not to assume negative situations will stay that way, they are likely just growing pains bringing you closer to a new reality. The 5 of Wands speaks to the birth of something new, but first there is the pain of contraction. Know that it is just passing through. 

Libra: RV Lovers

The focus, still, is on your relationships and how you fit into them. The Chiron North Node conjunction on the 19th might illuminate places within where there’s a need for greater balance in your relationships. The Lover’s card holds up a mirror to us, and this mirror is found in our most intimate relationships by way of the other person. In the reversal, the task is to no longer over-give, self-abandon or shrink ourselves for the sake of others. Never forget that people are a mirror for us, and what you admire in others you hold within you as well. This card wants you to shine your light without holding back. Mars in Aquarius is adding fire and passion to this mix, which is helpful but it’s worth staying level and treading lightly, the energy is more volatile right now than usual. 

Scorpio: RV 7 of Cups

The Reversed 7 of Cups speaks to a time where we are slowly coming out of confusion into clarity. You may have been swimming in an elusive or mirage-like energy where you feel as if you seem to figure out what is going on. Your emotions and the emotions of others are particularly unclear right now. The 7 of Cups is not a good time to take any action, as you are without your usual keen detection skills – things aren’t what they seem, and even your precise intuition can’t compete with the Neptunian energy in the air around you. Luckily, this is on its way out and what you have learned and gained from this mystical energy will be clear once it finishes passing through. Just surrender to it, and take as grounded and logical of an approach to decision making as you can for the time being.

Sagittarius: RV 7 of Wands 

When the 7 of Wands comes to us reversed, it's letting us know that we have an opportunity to let the past go. Specifically, feelings of hyper-vigilance and anxiety associated with past events/situations. Things might be more tense now than normal, and you have been under pressure for a little while now as Saturn continues to square your sun. This is helping you add the necessary structure and maturity for the next phase of your growth. This month, you have a chance to make major progress on that journey – this is probably going to be assisted by the Chiron North Node conjunction in Aries. There is a flow towards the natural development of your sense of self in connection to your life path but to move forward you must first let go. 

Capricorn: 2 of Wands

The 2 of Wands is the card of development and building – traits and values associated with your sign. Constantly being in the process of creating something that will one day be great gets exhausting and frustrating, though. Stereotypical astrology tends to misinterpret Capricorn’s understanding of what must be done as something that they delight in, which you know is not the case. Though more work still needs to be done to get to where you want to be, it's vital you keep showing up and laying down the bricks, however this gets easier. The 2 of Wands is asking if you can relax into the process. It’s going to take its time, so why don’t you? Pluto has finally left your sign and the pressure is off – you have the tools and mastery from the past 16 years to go to work now without having to work so hard. Trust the process. 

Aquarius: The Moon

Wow there is a lot going on for you this month! Of course, it is the Universe’s sense of humor to give you the Moon card for the month – this is the card of mystery. It says, you want to see the future? Why don't you live your life and find out what happens. This month sees lots of activity in your sign with Venus entering Aquarius, Mars entering Aquarius and Mercury entering  Aquarius. Chiron is sextile your sign so the conjunction with the North node will likely affect you. The Moon card is withholding information so that you can do everything that you must for your future to take place – sometimes knowing the outcome is the surest way to stop it from happening. Trust that it is all coming together and going somewhere even though you can't see it yet. 

Pisces: Death

Later this month, your season begins. The Death card is incredibly fitting as Pisces season marks the end of the year according to astrology. It is a death in many ways, it marks the end and the close of a long chapter and holds the promise of a new one beginning. The Death card is transformation. It signifies a loss of one way of being and the emergence of a new one – an alchemical process of evolution and rebirth. It is a highly creative energy that seeks to transform you from the inside out. Surrender to this process and allow anything that makes itself know as something to be let go off to leave your life. There is a metamorphosis happening within you. Close out this chapter and prepare for a new one to begin.

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