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November Tarotscopes for every Zodiac Sign

House tarot reader and astrologer, Hollee Spring, is giving each zodiac some insight into this Venus-Mars heavy month via The Tarot

November Taroscopes

Card of the Month for November: The Lovers RV

The theme this month is still on our relationships. We have more opportunities to acknowledge and let go of ways in which we sacrifice or abandon ourselves in our search for love. Our values around love and relationships are coming into question and for many of us, we may find this month gives us an updated version of these things. Venus moves into her home sign of Libra on 11/8 where she is happy and at ease – however, here she links up with the South Node in Libra where we are given more insight and awareness into places in our love life, relationships and values that are not working any longer. Eclipse season revealed and shed many of these things, but anything left over that still needs to go is being given the opportunity to do so. Mars comes into play a couple times this month, also highlighting our passions, ambitions and competitive nature. On 11/11 Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus bringing unpredictability and possibly conflict. This could also provide new and unusual insight into our desires and/or conflict or tension within relationships. We may see things from a totally new angle or even change course completely. On 11/13 there is a new moon in Scorpio – now that eclipse season is over, for those of us who took a break from manifesting during that time, we are good to start up again with our new moon manifestation practice! Sun and Mars conjunct on 11/17 and we may feel more motivated yet impulsive. Be wary of heightened frustration as we may be more willing to engage with conflict. This could be a positive, however, as we are more open to speaking our truth and standing up for ourselves. On 11/22 Sagittarius season starts and we can celebrate the good vibes and high energy that comes with it. Mars, on 11/24, enters Sagittarius where it once again links up with the sun. The last event of the month is the Gemini full moon, taking place on 11/27.

Be sure to read the below tarotscopes for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign as each of these energies effect you!

Aries: 2 of Pentacles RV

This month is all about finding balance between new priorities and old ones. There is an importance now on the re-evaluation of what is important and where (and how) you spend your energy. Allow anything that is already on its way out to fall away – this is a time for letting go, not holding on. Simply, you can not do it all and your energy and time is finite. Therefore, to accomplish your big visions and ambitions, you must spend your efforts wisely on that which you are excited, vested, and energetically lit up about. When this card is present in our lives, it tells us that not everything we think we need to do or work with is actually necessary. Anything that is draining your energy is something to consider showing the door. That way you can move full throttle towards your actual desires, instead of moving towards what is in your way.

Taurus: Page of Pentacles

Did you feel that last eclipse, Taurus? On 10/28 a significant eclipse took place in your sign, wrapping up major themes of the past two years. Now, there is a new road opening. Something fresh and full of possibility. Page of Pentacles is about embarking on a new journey, one who's call we hear from the depths of our soul. These next steps and the new direction you choose will begin a cycle of particular lessons, blessings and envevours. So listen to what your heart and soul are telling you, and use them as a guide. This card says that anything you do that is in deep alignment with your calling will be fruitful and worthwhile, so take a chance on your intuitive voice and step out there into new territories with full optimism about where you are heading.

Gemini: Knight of Cups

Hang tight, Gemini, as you’ve been hitched to a universal wave that might spin you around this month. Knight of Cups is more an energy than it is a situation – it is a current of the Universe and you are in its wave. Surrender and ride out the storm, knowing that even the chaos serves a valuable purpose. As a Gemini, though, I don't have to remind you of that. So lean into this time of unknowns and uncertainty, it is there that the most inspired ideas take root. When this wave drops you on the shore, which it will, you will be somewhere brand new, only made possible by this journey. This card tells us that where we went to go is nowhere we can yet see. So the Universe is responding to the quiet prayer of your soul and shaking things up, shaking up your perspective so that you can be open to the new and probably surprising opportunities to follow. We sometimes need to lose sense of our current direction so that we can enter down new roads previously unseen from our former course.

Cancer: The Fool

Are you ready to take a leap and start something new? This card suggests that you have already been hearing the intuitive voice within you to take the risk but you may be hesitating. The new moon in Scorpio mid-November is a powerful ally to assist you in releasing this fear and could mark the start of a turning point. When the Fool comes to us it is because there is something our soul desperately wants to experience and it's up to us to move past whatever fear or doubts we have and commit to honoring ourselves by going for what we care about. The Fool is a card in which we become acutely aware of the fact that there is no ground below us – this leap is uncertain, as are all great leaps of faith. We’d do well to remember that even the most secure and thought-out plans are still nothing more than a hope or a wish. This life in itself is uncertain, unpredictable and there really is never any ground below us no matter how well we convince ourselves of this illusion of security. With that in mind, does it make it any easier to take a leap on something you love and care about instead of playing it “safe”? Live the life you want to live – sometimes crabs need a bit of a push out of the comfort zone but you have so much to give the world when you make the journey outside of your shell. Remember your strength and power this month as you prepare for great flight.

Leo: Wheel of Fortune

There is a helping hand this month so all you really need to do, Leo, is hold on and surrender to the higher energies outside of your control that are directing your path at this moment. Wheel of Fortune promises us beautiful blessings and abundant opportunities, but the journey there is not always so sweet. The difficulties with this card lie in our desire to have control and to predict where we’re going. That ability to see into the future is probably not going to be present right now, but that’s okay. We don't need to see the whole picture as we take each brush stroke. All we need to do is focus on what's directly in front of us and trust that it is all connected to a bigger, and beautiful story (or painting, to stick with my first metaphor) that we can yet see the design of. Don’t fear each bump along the way as they come up. Remember, when a door closes another opens, so do not despair while you travel from one closed door to the next open opportunity. It will all feel so much better if you suspend any judgment until the end – oftentimes things appear to be going south when really, our direction has just changed for the better and we need to take a messy second to adjust. When Sagittarius season gets here things are bound to feel lighter, more expansive and more fun. That will most likely be when the beauty and exuberance of this card begins to really shine.

Virgo: 6 of Pentacles

A helping hand is on its way for you, as well Virgo. This time, it is a direct response to the energy you have sent out. Venus has been making her way through your sign where you have probably felt increasingly loving, sensual and creative and there may have been an emphasis on the relations and values in your life. Now, the love and support you have given to others is making its way back to you. Conversely, if we have been in a place of taking lately, it is now our chance to give. However, you are a naturally giving sign, so this shouldn't be an issue. Allow yourself to receive the support and help from others that you always give. I know it can be hard to be seen as vulnerable and needing assistance, but think of it as giving those you love and who love you an opportunity to give back to you and show their love for you. The people in your life want to support you as you so beautifully support them – give them a chance. This in itself is a service of goodwill. We all like to feel helpful and needed, so this month allow the people in your life an opportunity to be that for you. Everyone benefits and you are certain to gain and learn from the love and advice of others and their unique perspectives.

Libra: 7 of Cups

Things might feel confusing and emotional this month. The planet Venus connects with your sun and the south node in Libra; the south node influence is making this Venus/Sun conjunction less pleasant than it otherwise would be as it has important, though maybe uncomfortable, lessons for you around your relationships and old patterns of over giving/self-abondoning. This is more of what you have already been working on and Venus here is sure to speed up the process of growth by giving you plenty of opportunities to expand your own sense of self love and connect to your values. Advice here is to know that this month will hold more illusions than usual, so it's not a great time to make any major decisions if you can help it. People and relationships are revealing themselves to not be what they seem, so tread lightly and carefully, being sure to prioritize your feelings and fulfillment.

Scorpio: Two of Wands

You have been doing a lot of processing during your season, and November sees that continue. The seeds you have sown have been planted and watered, and now you are being asked to wait for the growth to emerge. This may take a moment, and in the meantime, the Universe is giving you a lesson in patience and divine timing. Keep watering the seeds you have planted, for they are growing below the surface even though you may not yet be able to see them. The Two of Wands asks us to continue to put in the work for what we love even when we are not seeing immediate results. Patience, dear Scorpio, and be sure to utilize the new moon in your sign to give your manifestations (these seeds that I keep talking about) an extra boost of life.

Sagittarius: 9 of Wands

It's almost here, Sagittarius! Your season, and your signature light-hearted and inquisitive energy, is on its way later this month. Days later, Mars joins the sun in your fiery sign, adding some heat and drive to the equation. Whatever you have been working on, it's important now to see it through even as it gets increasingly challenging. The 9 of Wands is the almost-end of a journey, and it's important to keep up your stamina and persevere. As we close out the year soon, there are some final lessons you’ve been working on that are coming to a head. Root into your well of optimism and spiritual wisdom to see this journey through to its close. Mars may have lessons for you beginning at the end of the month around aggression, conflict and ambition – these lessons can be fully integrated with a balanced approach between your deep, primordial wisdom and carefree, youthful spirit.

Capricorn: 4 of Wands

Chill out and have some fun this month, sweet Capricorn. The energy for you this month is restful, restorative and playful. The message is that you can find time for joy and celebration even if there are also other things to do. Spend time with friends and loved ones this month. The rest that we receive in the 4 of Wands isn't the same as the rest we take when we withdraw – this is rest that has us being social with those that we deeply care about. I like to think of this card as a day out on the beach – relaxing, but engaging and eventful. It is from the joy that the relaxation comes; the very thing that is relaxing and revitalizing us. Play is an integral aspect of success and it is taking center stage right now.

Aquarius: The Hierophant

Big themes this month around letting go of old and outdated beliefs. Hierophant represents the beliefs we hold that are connected to belonging – ie. the beliefs we have around what we need to do and who we need to be to belong. These beliefs stem from early parts of our lives, where we encounter belonging and not belonging for the first times. Now, it is crucial you revisit these (mostly) subconscious beliefs so that you can update them for this new version of yourself. If Hierophant is coming up, that means there is something, probably pretty big, that you are desiring. In order to create that thing, you need to make changes to the beliefs you are creating with. We create our reality through our beliefs, but our beliefs are not facts and they are not truths. They, like our possessions, are things that we hold on to. We can let them go at any time. Divine intervention is letting you know now, through your external situations and circumstances, that there are things within you that are no longer in alignment with who you are now and act in opposition to what it is you want now. Look within and know that you are not your beliefs, or even anything that you choose to identify with. You are the eternal awareness of all that you do and all that you are. Allow that eternal you to hold you as you shed former aspects of your identity and sense of self. Kinder, more evolved beliefs and programming are ready to replace the old so that you can begin to create new and more joyful realities.

Pisces: 5 of Swords RV

This month holds healing in the way of self-forgiveness. Saturn entered into Pisces early this year and has been retrograding back and forth but on 11/4 it finally goes direct. There's a greater chance now to utilize and integrate the lessons that have already come up and begin working with them and laying a foundation for the next couple years to come. With Saturn’s stay in your sign, the lessons have a heavier and more serious energy but this is not a weight that needs to feel crushing – it is supporting the release of self-criticism, shame and cycles of self-judgment. These are maturing lessons and as such, they can be tedious but there is so much love in what is being distilled within you now. This month, be watchful of your inner voice and make a real effort to change negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk. You are not your enemy, and any part of you that may still feel like you’re up against yourself can find healing now as long as you are willing to commit to self-acceptance.

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