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Full Moon in Gemini

astrology: full moon in gemini

On Monday, November 27th, the full moon will reach its peak in the part of the sky known as Gemini. Communication, boundaries, sibling and family relationships, information and understanding are the themes of this moon.

Full Moon

The full moon is a time of harvest and culmination of the intentions we set on the Gemini new moon on June 18th, 2023. What was happening back then in your life? Are any of the cycles coming to a close? The full moon illuminates that which we have been unable to see up to this point, so there may be new information or understanding connected to seeds sown back in early summer. The place in your birthchart where Gemini rules is the area that is going to be illuminated by this full moon and where this growth, completion or release will take place.

Gemini Moon in Sagittarius Season

A full moon will always be in the opposite sign as the season we’re in, so this moon has us working with the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. The Sagittarius/Gemini axis is one of knowledge and deals with the acquisition of information and its dissemination. Both of these signs share a love – rather, a need – for learning and sharing what they know, but they do so in opposite expressions. Gemini has more to do with the mind itself – and the chaos that goes along with it – and the gathering of information, while Sagittarius is all about the meaning and understanding of the bigger questions in life. Sag is the cosmic orchestrator, the seeker. You find them off on far away adventures visiting temples both literal and figurative. They collect their wisdom through experiencing life at its fullest, and they do so with the optimism, confidence and innate luck of Jupiter. This is a sign that has a special connection to the worlds above and they engage with those worlds through engaging with the parts of this world that are the farthest from their own personal world thus far. You could say Gemini is about knowledge and Sagittarius is about wisdom and you would be mostly correct, but lets not forget the specific kind of wisdom Gemini brings to the equation. So much of the wisdom of Gemini is in its adaptability and its ability and desire to pivot and make quick changes to follow what is currently lighting them up. Gemini tends to skim the surface more than Sagittarius, so we can learn from the combination of these two energies on how to do both: follow what lights us up, pivot when we need to, but take what we learn and apply it to a greater web of understanding for our lives and the world around us.

Mars Influences Communication

Sun and mars conjunct and oppose the full moon adding some intensity that may be more difficult to integrate. This whole month of November we have been working heavily with Mars and we see that continue with this full moon. We may feel more activated or be easily upset, with our inner defenses ready for battle. The positive of this is that we may be more wiling or able to speak our mind, stand up for ourselves and our truths and be direct with our communication. Due to the influence of Gemini, this moon is all about the ways in which we communicate and relate, so we may have to do some analysis of our methods and if we are using our passion and knowledge in constructive ways or not.

Grand Earth Trine

This moon is getting a positive boost with the addition of a grand trine in the earth signs. A grand trine brings luck and balance and the influence of earth is helping to ground out the energy of this moon and the revelations it illuminates. This is a good time to focus on our physical bodies and making sure we are nourished and restful as well as a great time to be with nature.

Saturn T-Square

Taskmaster Saturn makes a t-square with the moon, adding a heavier energy of lessons and possibly tests. Saturn rules over karma and time so the seeds we sow when working with Saturn are meant to last well into the future – ideally, they live on after us as well. This means that the road to success is slower and we must deal with things we’d really rather not – such as timing, patience, discipline and consistency in our efforts. There may be lessons coming up in the realm of family, specially siblings and extended family as that is the territory of Gemini. These are giving you opportunities to create new patterns and clear out the old ones. It's worth noting that Saturn is a ruler of boundaries, so we may find support right now in the form of setting and enforcing boundaries with others. With the influence of Mars, there is an energy of urgency that Saturn is squashing. This could feel like a start and stop, or we could feel ready to go yet not have the green light. Saturn wants us to tend to the details first, to lay down critical and solid foundations so that we don't have to go back and redo our work when our weak foundation can no longer keep up with us. Saturn moves slower but it is creating something of lasting value that is sustainable for the future. If we are unable to run ahead, ask yourself what may be in front of you that Saturn wants you to see/notice/deal with before moving forward.

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