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Chiron Retrograde in Aries 2020

Chiron is a little asteroid that isn’t on many people’s radars when it comes to astrology; yet, it is one of the most transformative celestial bodies that appears in our astrological charts. Nicknamed the “wounded warrior,” this asteroid point out some of our deepest wounds that need long-term healing.

This year, it’s gone retrograde in the seventh house of relationships.

From July 11 – December 15, this asteroid appears to be moving backwards in the sign of Aries, meaning there could be some new and, mostly, exciting things happening in regards to your relationships.

Because this asteroid deals with our deeper trauma, now is definitely the time to work on any issues in regards to love and relationships – even if it means friendships, despite the focus being on romance. Take a look at the source of your trust issues, abandonment issues, any issues.

Since it’s traveling through Aries, now is the perfect time to actually work on healing, whether that means being into a relationship and really trying to work through them, or taking some alone time. The Aries energy will give you the courage and fire you need to push yourself through.

Now is the perfect time for healing, since you’ll be energized and ready to face your fears.

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