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Bathing Your Tarot (Cleansing Tarot Cards)

Every person who holds your cards, asks a question, or receives an answer leaves behind a trace of their energy, like how dust collects in corners. When a bunch of those energy traces build up, it can create a barrier preventing the cards from understanding future questions, or sending messages to you.

If you’re cards haven’t been as clear or direct, haven’t felt right when reading, or aren’t answering questions, it may be time for a bath.

That doesn’t mean you need to stick your cards in a bathtub (unless you put them in a resealable bag and really want to). There are many simple ways to cleanse your tarot cards.

Smoke Cleansing

Running cards over the flame of a candle, or through cleansing incenses such as sage, frankincense, cedar, or palo-santo can “burn” away and clear old energy held in the cards.

Salt Bath

Some people like to rest their cards in a bowl of salt, whether it be table salt, black salt, or Himalayan.

Sound Bath

The sounds of ringing bells or banging drums can help wake up old energy and get it to move on from your cards.

Good Ol’ Visualization

Sit with your cards and hold them in a way that feels comfortable. Visualize a color of light that feels cleansing to you – white is usually a go too. Let it embrace the cards and visualize the light turning the dark bits of old energy into pure, productive light.

Some people like to say something over their cards to help cleanse them. Others like to leave cleansing and protective crystals, such as selenite or obsidian, on top of their cards before and after a reading. Some even knock their cards three times after a reading to push out old energy.

There’s so many ways to refresh and cleanse your cards so your connection to them never faulters. What’s your favorite way to cleanse the cards? Comment down below or tag us on Instagram @cosmiccornersavannah.

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