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5 Ways the Universe Communicates With Us

While is last weeks post I went over how to know if something was a sign from the universe, I didn’t stop to explain what things could be taken as signs. The universe has a multitude of ways to communicate with us individually and personally. What may have significance to one person may hold none to another.

So at the end of the day, anything you want can be a sign. Anything with personal significance can be a way for the world to communicate with you.

For example, my grandfather always said he would visit through clocks, so when I wake up to a clock door open, I know it’s a sign he’s there. Certain songs hold certain meanings to me. Even certain numbers.

But, if you’re new on the journey, it may be confusing or overwhelming. So, we’ve got a list of ways the universe may present signs to you.

1. Numbers

This is the most common and easiest to recognize. If you keep looking at the clock at 3:33, or every license plate seems to have a 33 in in, you know you need to look up the significance of the number 3.

2. Animals

Birds gathering on lamp posts, bunnies crossing streets they normally don’t…these are all small ways for the universe to grab your attention.

3. Songs

The first song that comes on when you turn on your radio, car, or phone may have a special meaning. Listen to the lyrics closely to see if it resonates.

4. Ads

If you’re feeling stressed and suddenly all the ads on social media are for massages or meditation apps, it’s probably a sign from the universe.

5. Urges

If you want to do something seemingly out of nowhere, and can’t seem to shake the urge, it’s probably the universe trying to gently nudge you in the right direction.

Somethings are obvious and easy to notice, such as numbers and animals. Other times, the signs are extremely subtle, like that voice in the back of your head repeating itself. Nonetheless, these are all ways the universe tries to guide you to where you’re meant to be.

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