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Bay Leaves Magical Properties

Have you ever written on a bay leaf and burned it to make your wish come true? Bay leaves have a rich and powerful history, from folk magic, to the victorious generals of Ancient Rome, and to the Oracle of Delphi. This plant is an incredible and generous plan spirit ally to work with, and there are so many ways to do so! 

Magical and Spiritual Properties of Bay Leaves 

  • wishes

  • good luck

  • protection

  • healing

  • victory

  • third eye opener

  • exorcism

  • purification  

  • dreamwork

Most people cook with bay leaves quite commonly, especially when making soups and sauces. This makes it the perfect herb for kitchen witchery, and is a favorite among many kitchen witches. Of course, you can always burn a bay leaf, a popular and traditional practice, in which one writes a spell, wish or intention on the bay leaf and burns it. The burning of the leaf releases the spell and intention into the ethers and is especially fun to do on the new year or at the close/beginning of a cycle. But why not utilize the magic of this versatile plant in other ways as well? Next time you go to add bay leaf into your cooking, cast an intention over it and stir clockwise to any number that has magical meaning to you. (Mine are always 3 and 7 – in Italian folk magic, odd numbers are related to witches and have an extra magical potency to them, a sentiment that can be found in many cultures.) 

Bay leaves are also a perfect addition to spell jars or candle workings. I, personally, like to add them to most of my spells as they are channels for goodness and blessings. Their association with victory also indicates that with their assistance your spell will be successful. 

Medicinal Properties 

Bay leaves are full of healing properties including being an antioxidant and have been used for a long time to treat ailments such as earaches, rashes and rheumatism. As always, do your research before using any herb medicinally. 

Historical Uses of Bay Leaves 

Bay leaves are particularly special due to their ancient and legendary history. The laurel crowns used in Ancient Rome, a powerful sign of victory and status, were made of bay leaves. As such, it is still a popular and revered plant today, in Italy especially. 

Bay leaves are also associated with the Oracle of Delphi, the High Priestess who would enter vivid trances and foretell prophecies. Many of the stories in Greek mythology have to do with the Oracle of Delphi, but she was indeed real – and not just one person, of course, it was a position, a title, that was passed on for generations influencing the Ancient Greek empire. It is said that the Oracle of Delphi would consume bay leaves before entering a trance (among other things) likely because they are mildly narcotic. This is also where bay leaves get their reputation as a third eye opener and an amplifier of psychic abilities. Just a warning, over consumption of bay leaves can cause breathing to significantly slow, and could be a major issue for those with pre-existing concerns. I do not recommend following suit from the Oracle. 

Bay leaves are powerful channels of blessings and can be added in combination with most other herbs. It will bring protection, good fortune and purity to any spell it is assisting with. And when you use it, know that there have been many people for thousands of years who have done the same. 

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