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Was That A Sign From The Universe?

Was that animal crossing the road a message? Do I happen to look at the clock the same time every night or am I missing something? How do I know if it’s a sign or if it’s just coincidence?

Most people would say that you just know, or to use your intuition. I roll my eyes at that. When you’re a beginner, it an be so hard to know what your intuition is. You haven’t sorted out what your inner knowing feels, sounds, smells, or looks like. But, we do have a great post on learning what your personal intuition feels like.

In the meantime, here are a few ways you’ll know for sure something is a sign:

1. You keep seeing it. Over, and over, and over.

Seeing the same thing two or three times a day, a week, or even a month can indicate that we something is coming, or that we aren’t listening to the universe. If you notice the pattern or symbol is repeating, definitely do some research into what it could mean.

2. It only stops appearing after researching

If you scour the web for the meaning and feel like it resonates, the sign might stop appearing. That just means the sign has been received, and understood. Just don’t forget to actually apply its teachings.

3. Something immediate happens

If you see a fox cross a street where you’ve never seen one before, and then you find out someone has been lying to you the same day or even the next, that little fox was trying to warn you. Immediate change usually means that yeah, it was a sign.

Sometimes though, the beautiful things we witness carry no extra meaning. Here’s how to know if it’s just that:

1. Your close friends say so

Keyword: close. If the friend you talk to about all your spiritual experiences is tilting their head and saying, maybe this occurrence isn’t a big deal. It might not be. When we’re desperate for a sign about something, we may turn everything into a sign. Trusted friends on the same path can help clear bias and remind us to stay on track.

2. You forget it even happened

If you see, hear, or smell something, and it only lasts a split second or a moment, and then you go about your day, that sighting may not carry much weight. We know things are signs when we just have to tell our friends about it or if it peeks into our heads three hours later when we’re making dinner. If you forget, it may not be as important as you first thought.

3. Nothing happens afterwards

If you look up that seeing a rabbit is a sign of taking action during change, and then no opportunities arise that require you to take action, then the bunny was probably just looking for food or enjoying the evening air.

Of course, every situation is different. Sometimes we might not recognize things are signs, and sometimes we will still overthink. It’s part of human nature. Still, if you find these were helpful tricks, share this post with a friend.

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