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Plant Spirit Allies: Angelica Root Magical Properties

Angelica root is a favorite herb for those who work with Angels or those calling in protection on both the physical and psychic planes. This is an herb with a rich history, and has been utilized both medicinally and magically for hundreds of years. It is associated with Archangel Michael, for a few different reasons, the most commonly given being that it blooms on his feast day. Angelica root is a highly protective plant with an intense and magnetic connection to the Divine.  

Angelica Root Magical and Spiritual Properties and Meaning

  • Healing

  • Good Luck

  • Protection

  • Breaks curses/hexes

  • Psychic protection 

  • Enhances divination 

  • Keeps away evil and negative energy

History, Lore and Mythology of Angelica Root 

Angelica root gets its name from the Latin word for angel or messanger. It is associated with Archangel Michael, the Archangel of protection, who wields a flaming sword and plays a powerfully important role in the Biblical and in Christianity.  Some say this association comes from the blooming of the Angelica flowers on his feast day, others say it stems from an old myth. So the story goes, a monk was visited by Archangel Michael in a dream and told that Angelica root would cure the plague. For this reason, it was historically refers to as the Root of the Holy Spirit.

From the 10th century onward, Angelica root was a popular medicinal herb used in Northern Europe where it is native and was particularly favored in Scandinavia. It is one ingredient of Chartreuse, which is a heavily guarded and secret recipe, made by Carthusian monks historically thought to be the elixir of life. It is found also in Benedictine, a spirit equal to Chartreuse in secrecy, importance and mystery made by the Benedictine monks. And, if you want a nip of Angelica root through a spirit but don’t want to spend the big bucks, it’s also a component in gin, aquavit and certain bitters. And, if you're looking for health benefits, why not an Angelica root tincture? Read on to learn about the medicinal benefits of this amazing herb! 

Angelica Root Medicinal Properties

Angelica root spiritual metaphysical magical properties meaning

Usually taken as a tincture, Angelica root has antibacterial properties and many medicinal benefits for people who are able to take it. (It is not healthy for everyone, and you must always do your research and consult with your doctor if you’re unsure or have pre-existing health conditions/concerns.) It should not be used by those who have diabetes or are pre-diabetic or those who are pregnant.

Angelica root is a great aid for indigestion, stomach ulcers, nausea and/or lack of appetite. It can also help with blood circulation and is an ally for lung health and rheumatic pain.

Plant Spirit Friends

Nettle is a treasured companion to Angelica root for breaking spells or warding off hexes. The two are powerful allies in setting or establishing boundaries against negative energy in general.


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