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Where to Start With Learning Transit Astrology.

Astrology can get extremely complicated very quickly. Pull up any person’s birth chart, and you might get overwhelmed and not know where to start. Transit astrology, or how the planets affect our daily lives rather than our personality, can get even more complicated.

I think it’s easiest to start out with the Sun and moon. So let’s start!

The sun in astrology represents what is easily seen – appearance, energy, creativity, expressiveness.

To some, it represents the core self, rather than what we portray to others. Others believe it is what we portray to others instead of our core self (see, it can get complicated quick).

The sun stays in each zodiac sign for roughly a month. This means that its energy is affecting us for a decently long time; long enough that we might be able to notice. As a planet that’s also decently close to earth, its effects are believed to be stronger on our lives than a planet further away; another good reason it might be one to start tracking.

The moon in astrology represents emotions. Intuition, inner awareness, nurturance, caring, and comfort.

It can also shed a light on how we make decisions, and our entire process. Because it is a planet that affects us more internally, it can be a lot easier to notice.

After all, we all spend a lot of time in our own heads, don’t we?

The moon stays in each zodiac sign for 2-3 days. The biggest, or most intense moments of the lunar cycle are the new and full moon. With astrology gaining popularity, interpretations and reports on the effects of the moon’s energy at those times are easy to fine – you can sign up for our moonthy newsletters here.

Since it stays in each sign a shorter amount of time, it may be useful for some quicker study – but, it might change before you’ve even noticed it’s affected you. It can also quickly become a daily commitment, which isn’t an option for everyone. That’s why noticing how you feel and what you notice around the new and full moon might be a bit more doable and easier.

In your phone’s notes app or in a journal, I would start writing down how you feel, and what sign the moon and sun are in.

For example, you might write, the moon is in cancer and I’m sad. The sun is in taurus and I’ve been feeling really tired.

They don’t have to be grand, in depth reports, especially if that’s not something you’re comfortable with. But they can be, too, if you find that would be more helpful for you later.

You can keep track of the planet’s movements by googling them, signing up for a monthly newsletter, downloading an app on your phone, or using an astrology website.

I highly encourage you to use one that does not offer interpretations, at first. You want this to be your interpretations, curated and catered to you. Not the general public.

After a couple months, or a year if you’re using the sun, go back and reflect.

Notice any patterns between emotions, activities, and even cravings you have. I find I crave certain sweets when the moon is in certain signs, or even more indulgent activities like drinking or social events. I find I feel sluggish at certain points of the year.

Make your own conclusions, and then decide if there’s any planetary movements you want a warning of, or to take advantage of.

Put them on a digital or physical calendar, if you want.

For example, I might post an affirmation on my digital calendar or my reminder’s app when the moon is in a sign that makes me more emotional – I might write down all my thoughts and feelings (because just because the moon is making them more intense, that does not make them invalid. They are probably very real and very important). Then when the moon has leveled out its energy, I can talk them out with whoever I need to, in a healthier way.

If a certain sign makes you more creative or may high energy, you may put it on your calendar to remind you to work on dream projects, work out more, or to work more hours in general.

Essentially, you are gathering your own data first, reflecting on it, and then deciding how you want to use that data.

To me, the sun and moon are easiest to notice at first, and easiest to work with before moving on to other planets. Thus, they’re a great starting point to anyone wanting to get deeper into astrology.

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