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What Type of Candle Should I Use?

There are chime candles, pillar candles, herb candles, shapes candles, candle sticks…It can get overwhelming to think about all the types of candles. If you’re wanting to get deeper into candle magic, or are a beginner, we’ve got some details here on how and when to use a bunch of different candles.

Chime Candles (or birthday candles)

These candles are often used for one-time, “quick” workings. Minutes or an hour with birthday candles, or a few hours with chime candles. They are intended for smaller spells that require less energy or “power” to manifest into your reality.

Think things like a sun-candle energy spell for when you’re feeling tired one week, or a chord cutting.

Pillar or 7-day Candles

Pillar candles and 7-day candles are often used in longer workings that require more time and energy to power and manifest into your reality. They are often lit multiple times a day, multiple days in a row. They can be dedicated to different deities or energies you want to call on as well.

I often use candle sticks this way as well – I have one that I light every time I do a particular type of working that was previously charged with similar energy; it has essentially become an extra battery for extra energy during those workings.

7-Day candles are pillar candles enclosed in glass to keep the wax contained and prevent messes. Many 7-day candles come pre-charged or pre-dedicated to different deities and energies. For example, you might purchase one already attuned to a particular saint, or attuned to “communication.”

Make sure to attend and keep an eye on any candles – you are not meant to burn these continuously without stopping; many times they are meant to be lit, meditated, prayed, or worked with, left burning while you’re in the room, snuffed, and relit the next day.

Shaped Candles

There are skull candles, human figurine candles, heart candles, are various other figure candles. These candles are shaped to create a visual representation of whatever it is you’d like to manifest or work with. A heart shaped candle might be great for love workings of any kind. A skull candle might work best for workings with spirits, the dead, or transformation. Human figurine candles can be carved with names and birthdates (we encourage with consent) to do a working that involves them.

Jar Candles

Easily accessible and available to purchase at so many retailers like Target, Walmart, etc., jar candles are contained in glass, metal, or other materials to prevent the wax from leaking and creating a mess. They can be dedicated to deities, used for decoration, mixed with color magic to create associations, or for all-purpose use. We like to support small businesses and local candle artists.

Herb Candles

Herb candles are any type of candle that includes additional oils, herbs, or salts rubbed onto or made into the candle. Many times, this is done by the practitioner to personalize a candle or add intention to a plain candle they’ve bought.

Please note that the more oil and herbs on a candle, the faster it will burn, and the bigger the flame. These types of candles can be the biggest fire hazards and should never be left unattended – or honestly, without you looking at it the entire time it is lit.

These candles can be great for emphasizing intention or as an offering to a deity or spirit – just please, be careful with them. Less can be more with these.

Notes on parrafin wax:

Depending on your budget and location, natural soy wax candles or beeswax candles may be unavailable for you – and that’s okay. If your budget allows, we always recommend going for natural material candles, as these are better for the air quality of your home, your health, and the health of any pets you may have.

In general, the rule of thumb is –
The longer you need a candle to last, or the more energy or “battery power” you need for a ritual or spell, the larger the candle you need.

Within reason, of course. You can always repurpose, rededicate, or revamp a spell or ritual with additional candles if you find you want or need more.

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