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What is Makko Powder and How To Use It.

What is makko powder? In short: the base binding ingredient for incense recipes.

Traditionally from Japan, the powder is made from the tabu no ki tree. It’s naturally combustible, and burns evenly and slowly – hence why your incense can take its sweet time. Since it’s also water soluble, it makes it the perfect base for any homemade or commercially produced incense.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can pick up some of our makko powder here and try your hand at making your own cone incense.

From a practical perspective, making your own incense allows you to personally pick out the scents you’d like, creating a custom blend that you’ll want to burn every day. You can pick from any resins or bulk herbs we sell, and grind them up with a mortar and pestle to make them all a combined fine powder. Add a little bit of water, and form into cones.

Just make sure to burn on a heat safe dish - I’ve made that mistake once or twice and left a few char marks on fireplace mantels or bookshelves.

Spirituality, creating your own incense blend can help you customize your intent that get’s put into the universe. Workings, spells, and rituals are always more powerful the more personalization we put into them. Creating a custom blend based on personal and traditional associations helps you think through whatever your working on and add power.

Again, just make sure you have makko powder. This is what helps bind everything together and create an even burn. You can order your own here, then watch this tik tok to learn how to make your own incense!

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