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Have you seen those fancy water bottles with a crystal glued to the bottom selling for $60 or more? Well, there’s a much easier way to get earth’s minerals and magick for less.


Crystal elixirs are waters infused with crystals to get extra minerals and energetic benefits such as less anxiety or more abundance.

Cosmic corner has 70+ types of crystals starting at just $1 for you to choose from online or in store!

However, just because a crystal looks pretty does NOT mean it’s SAFE for internal consumption.

The first step of making elixirs is doing research to make sure the crystal is SAFE, won’t dissolve in water, or leech harmful minerals into the water.

Some safe beginner crystals for elixirs are clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, and amethyst. Clear quartz will help give you energy, rose quartz will encourage love and compassion, citrine will attract abundance, and amethyst will help you remain calm and relaxed all day.

Once you’ve picked a crystal, it’s time to infuse it in water. Make sure your crystal is clean, physically and energetically. Let your crystal bask under the moon to cleanse and charge it so it’s ready energetically, and rinse it under some water to clean it physically.

Next use the direct method or the indirection method.

Direct method involves dropping the crystal directly into water, whether that be a cup, a bottle, etc. This should only be done with crystals completely safe to put in water and to ingest. You can leave the crystals in for as long as you’d like, but a few hours is minimum. Some people like it to bask and charge under full sunlight or full moonlight, to help increase the energies. Make sure to remove small crystals BEFORE drinking though – you don’t want to risk choking.

The indirect method can be done too – some people don’t like the taste of rocks. This involves dropping the crystal into a water tight container like a bag or Tupperware, and placing said container into the water. Continue to let it sit for a few hours or overnight. This will let the energetic properties infuse into the water. However, this method is not as potent.

The next step is to just drink up!

Made your own crystal elixir? Share with us how it went in the comments, or tag us on Instagram @cosmiccornersavannah for a chance to be featured!

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