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Dangers of DIYing with Herbalism: Our Tips

Spirituality, minimalism, and living a lower waste life all seem to have a common thread of DIYing options. From nontoxic DIY makeup, to making your own tea blends for magick and herbalism, some people love the idea of knowing exactly what’s in the products and spells they’re using.

But a lot of people don’t realize this can be dangerous.

When it comes to herbalism specifically, many plants when used in the wrong situations or dosages can be deadly. When applied topically, irritations, rashes, and infections may occur. If they’re taken internally when they’re not supposed to, you can damage your body’s internal systems or even die.

While all that may seem scary, rest assured, there are ways to make sure you can still practice magickal herbalism and stay safe. Here are a few of our tips:

1. Research, Research, Research

Find trustworthy sources, usually published books, with the correct information. Make sure to cross-reference, or make sure many different sources say the same thing.

2. Check Where You Purchase

Make sure where you’re buying your bulk herbs is from a reliable seller, and double or triple check the labels to see whether the particular product your using is safe for your intended use.

For example, roses from the grocery store might not be as safe as you think, since many florists use harsh chemicals and pesticides to create the best, longest-lasting roses.

3. Never Use Herbalism as Replacement

Even though we like the idea of healing ourselves with tea, sometimes medical doctors and prescriptions are the best bet. A lot of medicine is made from plants – for example pain killers usually have poppy essence. Professionals and long-time experts should always be trusted over a neighbor.

Herbs are fun to work with and DIY with, but always make sure you’re doing so safely. Check out our own herb selection here.

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