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What is Crystal Bed Chakra Healing

This Thursday, August 12th, healer Joellyn will be at Cosmic Corner preforming chakra bed healings before her chakra certification class. But, this isn’t the most common service to be provided or even googled.

So, what is chakra bed healing?

Unlike many of our other “what is” blog posts, this one doesn’t have a short answer.

In essence, it is a blend of light and crystal healing therapies. The practice uses both light and crystal healing to balance and restore each of the chakras, leading to more balance, rejuvenation, and better health.

Above a massage like bed, you’ll see a row of lights that correspond with each of the chakras colors. The light is adjusted to the perfect frequency of the chakra as well, and is then amplified by coursing through clear quartz crystals.

The receiver doesn’t need to do anything buy lie there and relax.

You’d want to get a chakra bed healing session done for many reasons, from creating more emotional balance, to even promoting physical health.

While spirituality is definitionally not a replacement for medical doctors, there are studies that have found correlations between emotions and traumas in the body that can cause real, physical effects. The same way, a chakra being off balance due to emotions or stress could be contributing to lesser physical wellbeing.

The chakra bed healing therapy works to balance and restore all the chakras at once, helping to reduce emotional stress and promote good physical health as well.

So…thinking you might benefit from one? Reserve your spot here before they fill up fast!

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