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What are Spiritual Oils, and How to Use Them.

Something big in the spiritual community: oils. Handmade and the process of making oils, oils sold my small businesses and independent makers, or even trusted oils made by bigger brands sold at your local metaphysical supply shop.

What are these oils? What are they used for? Do they have more than one use case; are they worth purchasing or making?

What are spiritual oils?

Spiritual oils are usually bottled oils infused with herbs, plants, or other items, along with energy and intention that are used for specific intentions within ritual or Spellwork, or even on a day-to-day basis. They may be “charged” with additional energy.

Not all spiritual oils are safe for use on skin, or safe for use internally. Be sure to check the label, ask the store seller or the creator, and do your own research. Patch test every oil on your wrist before using a large amount.

What are oils used for?

Oils can be used to help direct focus and energy when doing particular spell work or ritual work. They are used to evoke or bring about a particular energy or energies you’re wanting for day-to-day living, or ritual or Spellwork. They can be used in sympathetic magic, where objects and items can greatly help a practitioner visualize or believe in whatever they are doing, thus creating more potent results.

How to Use Oils – What are Oils used for continued.

You can use oils in a variety of ways, usually on tools or other items, or used in spells or ritual work. Again, it’s very important to check how an oil was made and if it is safe for internal or topical use when deciding how to use an oil, spiritual or otherwise.

You can do any of the following:

· Anoint candles – careful again, too much oil on a candle can create more fuel, thus creating a larger flame or burning a candle faster. Never leave candles, especially those anointed with oil, unattended.

· Anoint objects and tools, including the body

· Add to spell jars, spell bags, baths, etc.

· Use in recipes and cooking

· Use in homemade skincare or as an additive to transform mundane skincare supplies into magical

I’m sure there’s more ways to use oils, but these are the most common that I see.

Often, I see people anointing themselves with a daily oil. For example, if someone has an interview or presentation, they might anoint themselves with an oil for clear communication or confidence at the beginning of the day or before the event. Others might anoint themselves with an oil dedicated to or that has energetic ties to a deity or spirit to honor them and bring that energy into their day to day.

You might anoint a plain white candle with an oil with herbs and items associated with self-love when doing a self-love spell, thus personalizing the candle and making the intention more powerful – though even without oils, spells and rituals can be powerful.

If an oil is safe for internal use, you might use it to flavor cookies or foods. Ghost pepper infused oil is particularly good on homemade hashbrowns and can evoke confidence and stir up energy, or cleanse and protect.

You can shop our selection of oils here. If you’re interested in making your own oils, make sure to leave a comment and we’ll create a post! You can start your journey by reading our post about carrier oils here.

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