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All About Carrier Oils

Just in at Cosmic Corner: carrier oils! Perfect for the herbal or green witch, or the practitioner who works with plants and loves creating homemade oils or skincare remedies.

But what is the purpose of a carrier oil? How do you best use it? That’s what this post is about.

Please note, that while our herbal apothecary is made of herbs NOT made for internal use, these oils are by Starwest Botanicals, and are safe for ingestion. DO NOT pair this oil with any of bulk herbs we sell if you’re intention is to use for internal purposes. We cannot be held legally liable for misuse of products we sell.

What is a carrier oil?

Carrier oils are plant-based oils used in various skincare and food and spiritual projects – they are used along with essential oils and/or fresh or dried plant material. The carrier oil then “soaks up” or absorbs the properties of the essential oil and/or plant material in order to “carry it” to the skin or into the body more easily.

It is an absolute MUST for safety and health purposes.

Never, ever, consume pure essential oils, or put them directly on the skin. They must be diluted with a carrier oil.

Cosmic Corner carries –

Using carrier oils

There are many ways to use a carrier oil. Be sure to research thoroughgoingly, using multiple trusted sources both mundane and spiritual, and cross-reference each piece of information you find. It is also extremely advised to ask a doctor before consuming any herbal remedies, or applying them to your skin, as they can have interactions with anything from prescription medicine (yes, that includes birth control), makeup and skincare you use, etc. And if you’re pregnant or nursing, it is even more important to consult a professional before usage.

1. Use them plain, straight on the skin.

Personally, I use grapeseed oil as a makeup remover on my face and a moisturizer on my body. No additives at all. It’s a natural, healthy option for those who are wanting to detox chemicals or unknown ingredients in their skincare routine. Check out this resource for the comedogenic rating of oils to see if they will work with your skin.

2. Make an infusion

If you’re using fresh herbs versus dried, the process or type of infusion may vary. There’s methods from double boiling using heat over a stove top for faster working infusions, or leaving herbs to sit in the oil in a cool, dark place for months and months – many magical practitioners work with “moon” cycles and homemade oils in their spell work and ritual work. I myself have created a few anointing oils with hand-foraged herbs that have worked wonderfully.

3. Skincare products

The area I have the least experience on, many oils are added to salves, most commonly made from beeswax, in addition to essential oils and fresh or dried plant material to create both mundane healing and magical healing remedies.

You can check out our list of carrier oils here, and comment down below a project you’d like to try with them!

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