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We're in an Eclipse Portal for the Next Two Weeks

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra begins eclipse season and asks us: what are we letting go of in our relationships?

Eclipse in libra
Blood Moon Eclipse In Libra

A blood moon eclipse in Libra turned the sky red in the early, dark hours of this morning, Monday 25th of March. The eclipse portal has begun, for the next two weeks fate and destiny are the main players of the cosmic show. 

The question we are meant to ask ourselves is: what needs to be let go? This eclipse is circling back to 6 months ago when we had the last eclipse in Libra. Then, the Sun was in Libra, a place where that planet struggles and its ruler, Venus, was also debilitated by its stay in Virgo at the time. This made the last eclipse more challenging compared to this one. We might have a better chance now to let go of what came up and clear it out. 

Eclipse season happens twice a year and ushers in a time of endings and beginnings. It can be a portal into the future, into where it is we could possibly head and what it takes to get there. This is a time that, astrologically speaking, is intertwined with fate. We’re stepping into a two week portal where we are not entirely in control, and destiny is making itself present in our lives and directing our course. The eclipses always deal with endings and beginnings because we are being influenced by the north node – representing our destiny – and the south node – our past and comfort zone. 

The nodes of destiny are mathematical points relating to the sun and the moon, which is why it's significant when they meet up in an eclipse. Every 18 months the nodes change zodiac signs. During their stay in each sign, we collectively and individually spend that time working with the themes and lessons of the zodiac axis it’s residing in. We are currently in the Aries/Libra axis until March 2025,, so we are dealing with the axis of the self and relationships and how we can find balance between the two

Libra is the relationship sign. It is here to love, to make the world beautiful, and to bring harmony and justice. Libra shows us how to compromise and that we go farther when we collaborate and work together. Its primary focus is “us.” Aries on the other hand is Libra’s opposite – literally – and its primary focus is “I.” Aries is our sense of self, it is the Self. We come to know who we are through Aries, and we can only do that by experiencing our life as an individual. Though we love and live side by side, intertwined with each other's hearts, we will only ever experience life as our own self and we can never be anyone but who we are. Aries and Libra rest on this law of life – that we can not come to know who we are without being in relation with another, yet we can only ever dwell in this singular experience of perception, never knowing another as much as they know themselves.  We are here to experience relationships, and in doing so we experience ourselves. Aries is the point of this axis that is ours, that is to say “it is mine.” When working with Aries, we need to prioritize ourselves and our desires. To be maybe just a little bit selfish, because we need to put ourselves first sometimes. Libra holds us accountable to the justice and balance of this dynamic. It pushes us to consider another, to know that we are never alone, that our lives cannot be separated, and that “what I do affects you, always.” These two signs work to hold the axis of connection together. 

While traversing through the Aries/Libra axis we are letting go of relationships, relational dynamics, and patterns that are not serving us any longer. This is because the north node is in Aries, pushing us towards more independence and following our personal desires, while the south node in Libra wants us to get rid of the ways we self-sacrifice and lose ourselves to be loved and to love.  This is a south node eclipse happening in Libra so this moon is highlighting those relationships and patterns that need to go. Stepping into this 2 week portal is a lot like journeying through the underworld – we are asked to engage with our shadow both collectively and individually. We will be invited to look at our shadow so that we can release many of the things we find, healing it into some kind of integration or laying it to eternal rest. 

The eclipse portal will end on April 8th with the solar eclipse in Aries where we will have the opportunity to possibly move forward with the north node. Best advice for the eclipse season, as we dwell in the 2 week portal, is to just surrender to it. It's advised to refrain from manifesting as the moon is unpredictable and there is also a larger plan going on. Fate is taking over for a second, and we can just ride the wave and see what happens. It's a time of serendipity, chaos and cycles coming to a close. The past is often revisited in a new way and we can get glimpses of where it is we could go in the future. In my experience, this glimpse is usually more of a “could be kinda like this” into what's to come rather than being incredibly literal. It’s a seed the universe is planting in our minds and when it blooms it usually looks different than the initial thought. So be open to the possibilities. This eclipse is about regaining balance and harmony, reminding us that some things must be let go of to align with greater peace and justice. 

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