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Venus Retrograde's Real Effects 2020

Since May 13th, the planet of beauty, romance, and harmony has been appearing to move backwards in the night sky. You may have been feeling a bit off-balance, or at a loss for the right words. We still have until June 25th before Venus gets put on the right track, so its time to check in with yourself and see how this retrograde is affecting you.

While a lot of articles are mentioning your ex might pop back into your life, Venus and Venus retrograde is about much more than love and romance, or you ex coming back. Venus is a planet of divine femininity, what we find beautiful, and harmony. Its energy is gentle, and moreso seen internally than externally.

If you’ve been feeling insecure or emotional, rest easy. This retrograde may be bringing up some old self-love issues that still need to be resolved – because Pluto, the planet of what we bury and hide, is also in retrograde.

Venus is moving backwards in Gemini, which is a sign of communication and socialization. That’s difficult for everyone in the world right now, so this retrograde encourages you to find new methods of communication, especially with yourself. Ask how you speak to yourself in your own head. Maybe try verbal affirmations around this time. Journal, if saying something out loud is too painful. It’s much more important to get the thoughts out of your head, as Gemini can hold onto and ponder ideas for a bit too long.

It may be a good time to use what you have laying around the house to update and refresh your space, especially if your external environment affects your internal. Move old photos that bring up bad memories out of a space, or move blankets around to where you need the most comfort.

Remember that yes, people may pop back into your life at this time or relationships may not go as you plan, but there’s something much deeper about Venus retrograde. It’s a reminder to check in with ourselves and the progress we’ve made with our self-love rituals and practices. Venus is about comfort and trust, so give yourself a space and surround yourself with those that make you feel most loved.

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