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Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 2020

Uranus popped into retrograde this last weekend, and will remain traveling backwards in the sign of Taurus until January 2021. While retrogrades can seem like you should buckle up and get ready for some curveballs, this gentle Taurus energy may not be as bumpy of a ride as you expect.

This planet rules how we change; it’s all about our awakenings and those moments where it all finally clicks.

And Taurus rules what we value. It influences our finances, and what makes us feel stable in secure.

Putting two and two together, this period of time is perfect for adapting to life’s current circumstances and re-evaluating how you’re spending your time and money. It’s perfect for figuring out what makes you feel strong and secure, and then going after it.

Taurus is also all about taking your time, so go slow with these changes. Do some self-care, think through decisions before making them. Take a methodical approach and maybe make a pro and con chart. But, once the decision is made, stick with it. Change happens slowly, but strongly.

Since Uranus is one of the outer planets, its influence is definitely more subtle. These revelations may come to you as little flickers of light in the middle of the night, or be a build up and smaller flames. Your life may shift without you realizing it much, but come the beginning of the new year, you may be surprised at where you are.

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