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Three New Ways to Use Crystals

Crystals are what first got me into spirituality – and lately, I’ve felt a reignited passion to figuring out their metaphysical properties, as well as their scientific. I’m sure you know of tumbled stones that are great for meditation, but what are some other interesting ways to use crystals? What forms do they come in?

Crystal Sands

This was a recent discovery of mine, and it straight up changed the game. These can come in all sorts of crystal varieties – quartz, amethyst, carnelian, lapiz, and more! This tool is long-lasting (so worth every penny) and can be used in many different ways.

  • I use them to hold up chime candles in candle holders that are too big, which adds another magickal boost to whatever I’m working with, manifesting, or meditating on.

  • They’re perfect for spell jars and spell sachets, as you don’t have to put your precious larger stones in, and since it’s sand, it can fit pretty much anywhere.

  • You can use them for wards mixed with salt, sprinkle on top of doorways for added affects, casting circles if that’s your thing.

Just DO NOT ingest crystal sands. It is still a crystal, which can contain many minerals and chemicals that are not safe to take internally. So, no adding it to your potions or kitchen witchery. I wish, though.

Channeling Points

Have you ever paid attention to the faces and number of sides on those faces when it came to crystal points? Not only do we have a wide selection of generators to test these with, but we also have an entire blog post that goes into the special types of crystal points and how they can add additional properties or power boosts to your crystals.


Whether you put your tumbled stones into a bag and draw one or two out, or grab a large book of crystals and thumb through bibliomancy style, there’s no reason to not use crystals as divination tools. You can use black or dark stones, or those with cloudy inclusions, to scry with (we also have a crystal ball, if you’re interested). All the same, you can toss tumbled stones into a larger hat or bag, close your eyes, and pull a stone while thinking of the question.

But since not everyone has every crystal, I also like to do this with a crystal book, like my favorite from Judy Hall.

What is your favorite way to use crystals? Let us know over on Facebook or on Instagram.

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