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Is Your Clear Quartz Point Special? Additional Properties Your Point Has.

Did you know that no two crystal points are the same? Some might even have additional properties that make them more specific and magical to work with.

No idea what I’m talking about? Pick up your nearest clear quartz point. Look at the shape of each facet (or side) of the top point. How many sides does it have? How may edges does each side have?

Today, we’ll be going over the different shapes a crystal can have. But over on Tik Tok and Instagram, we’ll be going over how additions within or on the crystals surface can influence its abilities as well.

Goddess / Isis Points

Crystals with five sides making up the face are known as Isis and Goddess Points. These crystals amplify feminine and goddess energies. That means you can use them to connect to your divine feminine, no matter where you are on the gender spectrum. It can help us come to terms and take back our power when it comes to stereotypical female roles in our lives.

Channeling Crystal Point

If the main face of your crystal has seven outside edges, with a triangle face directly opposite the seven-sided face, there are good chances the crystal is a Channeling point. Of course, that means these crystals are perfect for connecting to messages deep within ourselves, past walls and blockages, but also excellent for reaching out to higher sources of information – think angels, guides, deities, spirits, etc.

Diamond Window Points

These crystals have a little facet that has four sides, often in the shape of a diamond, that are slightly lower than the rest of the faces. This rare crystal is known as a Window Point crystal, and acts as a “window to the soul.” That means it can assist in receiving intuitive messages, bypassing the ego, and balance the spiritual and material world.

Dow Crystal Points

This crystal is even rarer, and has 8 faces – there are normally only six. Dow crystals are also called Trans-Channeling crystals, since they are both transmitters and channeling crystals in one. They represent abundance, success, and ultimate balance.

These transfer knowledge and energy between different layers of life and other dimensions. They’re perfect for those in long-distance relationships, whether it’s platonic, familial, or romantic. The also have all the properties of a Channeling Point.

They’re especially good for deep, transformative meditations and work, and can help create a beautiful trance.

Key Crystal

Lastly, a key crystal has an indentation on one of its sides. The exact requirements for this little indentation aren’t agreed upon by the general crystal community. And while it might sound like this “Key” will unlock information, this crystal actually speaks of family. These crystals are great for those who have been abused in any way, and show us how we are unintentionally being dominated. They can help us take back our power and become truly free. Maybe Liberation Points would be a better name – anyone know the contact information for the almighty Crystal Council?

If you trust your luck and chances, you can order some of these special quartz points online from us here, or if you’re ever in Savannah, we’ll have some special ones sorted out for you already. Look to our Tik Tok and Instagram’s for even more crystal point information.

pictures are from Earth DNA and Crystal Earth Spirits

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