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This is the Time the Veil is the Thinnest

As Samhain approaches, everyone, witches and non-witches alike, are preparing for the day when the veil between worlds is supposedly thinnest: October 31st. The veil being the divide between this reality the other dimensions, including the spirit world and the feary realm.

The question I’ve seemed asked a lot this year is: is the veil really the thinnest at the time, or is our awareness around spirits, ghouls, and otherworldly things causing the heightened connection and activity?

And honestly, it’s a fair question to ask.

When I think of other holidays or times that also have a “thin veil,” I think of the equinoxes, dusk, dawn, and midnight. All of these times have an association of being between. Midnight is an odd time between waking and sleep, dawn and dusk are liminal spaces between night and day. On the equinoxes, usually night and day are entirely equal, as well is it being between different seasons.

This makes sense – between time periods have an odd energy of being stagnant, unsure, or simply just transitional. You’re not quite here, and you’re not quite there. Maybe a spirit is not quite there, but here.

That’s what tradition says.

But have you ever noticed if you start talking about something, it suddenly shows up more? Whether it be a certain kind of car, piece of clothing, number, or even ghosts. Psychology says we’re subconsciously thinking about it, shifting our awareness to the object, therefore making it seem to appear more often in our lives.

It’s the awareness that matters in this case.

Lana Zilinski says, “It’s because we’ve set the intention. If you say between three and four is a good time for spirit to come, they’ll come because you opened.”

Just the same, October is full of spooky movies, talk of witches, and is peak time for influencers and the media to cover paranormal investigations. Other cultures are preparing for the Day of the Dead, or All Saint’s Day, shifting their awareness to ancestors, family members, and important spirits that have passed on and should be remembered.

So of course, because we’re thinking about the spirits at this time, and our awareness is there, the spirits and the fae are more likely to show up and interact in our lives.

Lana Zilinski, a medium, said an interview with YouTuber Hailey Reese on the idea of thinning of the veil, “It’s because we’ve set the intention.” She says, “If you say between three and four is a good time for spirit to come, they’ll come because you opened.”

So really, we don’t have to just wait for the veil to be thin.

Really, we can connect anytime to the spirit world and thin the veil ourselves, just by opening our awareness and setting intention to do so. It’s just that we as a collective had decided the best times to do it.

But hey, if October is your favorite month to dive into spirit work and interact, check out our post on how to do safely.

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