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I Tried a Love Spell from Pinterest

When I first was interested in learning witchcraft and trying out spellwork, I did practically the most cliché thing I could do: I went to Pinterest, and searched from some spells and tarot spreads about who my life long partner would be.

I had no love interests in my life at the time, but was a hopeless romantic, okay?

I found this spell, called “To Dream of Your Soulmate.” Now, the whole soulmate thing is an entirely different blog post and discussion we’ll have another day. But this one seemed pretty darn simple. Put some things in some red fabric, drink a nice drink before bed, and then bam! I’d see the lovely face of whoever I was meant to spend my life with in my sleep.

I think it’s important to note that I’ve always had vivid dreams my whole life. I dream every night, am able to recall them easily without writing them down, and have even lucid dreamed a few times. So, I picked a dream spell because it seemed to already fit in with some of my natural “talents,” if you will.

So I gathered up all my materials, and already made some changes to the spell. Which, I think is actually recommended when you take a spell from online. Personalizing it to you will help infuse you and your intention into it.

I’m not a fan of saying anything out loud or in my head during a spell unless it comes naturally, so scripted chants aren’t really my style. I cut this spells’ out and replaced it with just something from the heart.

Then, I made myself the warm milk, using their suggestion of almond milk instead, and genuinely thought it was pretty good. I was nice and sleepy after all of it and went to bed.

That night I had a dream of a big family event at an Italian restaurant, where I was meeting some of my partner’s extended family – namely, a bright blonde woman named Tiffany: their aunt.

I did see my supposed lifelong partner, one-true-love, soulmate (whatever word floats your boat).

Except…just the back of his head.

He had brown hair, and nothing else identifiable about him.

So, lesson one:

Be very specific with your spells, and alter any you find online that aren’t specific enough. Technically the spell was a success, right? He did appear in my dream. Just, it didn’t give me anything useful to go off of. Asking to see his face would’ve been more helpful.

Lesson two (and this one is personal preference):

Maybe just let life be. I was young and wanted to maybe know what my Prince Charming looked like. But the truth is, there were still so many paths open for me and I’m sure the universe still wasn’t sure what direction I’d end up going. I sure as hell didn’t.

So, I guess I’m trying to say take everything definite in spells like this with a grain of salt.

And my current partner doesn’t have an aunt named Tiffany. So. Hopefully that part of the dream was imagination, right?

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