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Safety When Working With Spirits

Oh October…The world has unofficially deemed it the beginning of witch season, and sees even October 1st at the first day of Halloween. We all get excited at the idea of leaves changing color, spooky décor being sold in shops, and the veil getting thinner.

The veil, in case you were curious, is a very thin, non-tangible thing that divides our reality from other dimensions, worlds – whatever word you choose. And closer to Samhain, the witches new year, the veil becomes even thinner. This means the fae are easier to see, ghosts and spirits are easier to interact with, and divination can become easier and more accurate.

All of that may sound fun, but interacting with spirits and fae can be risky business. Here are some very important but very easy safety tips to make sure you don’t drag anything dangerous home with you.

1. Feeling sick? Stay home.

If you’re feeling sniffly, or sick, or even if you’re having a bad mental health day…stay. Home. Some more negative spirits love taking advantage of your body and mind when you’re not feeling tip-top, from causing things from weird tickles in your throat that won’t go away, or even playing mind tricks and feeding on fear. Best to go ghost-hunting when you’re feeling your best, both physically and mentally.

2. Protect thyself.

We’ve heard it all a million times, haven’t we? Protect yourself. Whether you like drawing circle’s, wearing protective stones, casting protective charms, carrying lucky talisman, or even praying to your God(s) or Deities, please please please, protect yourself. If your working with the fae, iron may be a good thing to have on hand as well. Protection will help to prevent spirits from clinging onto you, and heighten your intuition to know whether a situation is safe (even against real-life enemies, like dangerous buildings or the living).

This includes never going ghost-hunting alone.

If you’re interacting with spirits in your own house, it may be a bit different. But the outside world can be dangerous late at night for real-world things. Always bring a buddy.

3. Always say Goodbye

This shouldn’t be just for ouji board users. Always say goodbye! If you’ve had good interactions with spirits, it’s polite to tell them that you have to go. But if something less than pleasant has been making sounds or interacting with you, it’s important to tell it that you’re leaving, that the interactions will be stopping, and to be very clear that they are not welcome to follow you.

4. Set Rules and Boundaries

While the fae have some universal rules, like don’t give your real name or say thank you, you can set rules and boundaries with spirits too. This is especially helpful if you see them around your home. Write a list of “House Rules.” Mine usually include that spirits are unwelcome to interact with pets or other roommates. When you’re out and about, set rules with your friends – if someone gets scared and says they’re done, the rule should be that everyone leaves with them.

Get it? Got it? Good. Go on your way and take advantage of this time! The veil is thin and there are a thousand things to explore, including our Fall Festival & Samhain Ritual!

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