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Mabon Activities for Closeted and Open Witches (Or Non-Witches)

Mabon is next week! This exciting sabbat is the second of the harvest festivals, and usually the first day of fall. But what does it actually represent, and what can you do to celebrate – even I you don’t have time for a big, traditional feast?

Mabon is part of the wheel of the year, and signifies a slow transition to the period of rest. Day and night are equal, if only for a moment. Right now, farmers would be harvesting their crops and expressing gratitude for the Gods’ graces over the growing season.

However, the term “Mabon” wasn’t even used until the 1970s, with the first generations of the Wiccan religion. That does not mean you have to be Wiccan to celebrate though, or even a witch. Many people celebrate these sabbats to reconnect with nature, to themselves, and find order in cycles despites life usual chaos.

So what can you do to celebrate Mabon? We’ve got a few ideas, from simple and practically secretive, to big, all-out celebrations.

Start with a walk through nature.

You don’t even have to tell people it’s for Mabon. But go ahead, walk, and look around. What is changing in the environment? Do you live somewhere where the leaves are changing, or the temperature of the air? Even if very little has changed, or it’s still quite warm where you live, you can notice changes.

If you live in Savannah, walking through forsyth during the farmer’s market is a great way to celebrate. You’ll see a bountiful harvest of items, which is perfect for mabon.

Try a gratitude ritual.

Whether you do something fancy and loud like making offerings, or writing what you’re grateful for and burning the papers to help manifest them again next year, or do something more subtle and write a list in your journal, expressing gratitude for the abundance around you is perfect.

Now is the time to recognize your own accomplishments too – so don’t be afraid to be a little proud and brag (if only for a few minutes. Make sure the root is still gratitude).

Honor the old ways.

Now may be a perfect time to visit old grandparents, volunteer at a senior center, or call up your parents to just talk. Invite them to tell stories, whether they have lessons embedded in them or not. Challenge their mind with a fall themed puzzle, or invite them to join you on a nature walk.

I’m sure the cobblestone streets of Savannah will definitely bring back memories of a distant time, or inspire fictional ones.

Finish with a feast.

And if you don’t have a kitchen or time, store-bought is fine. Just the same, students can gather friends at the dining hall and share a big table together. You can cook something similar to you would in thanksgiving, too. Make sure to express gratitude during the feast, and leave some as an offering if you feel comfortable.

What are your plans for mabon? Let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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