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The Truth About Mercury Retrograde: May-June 2022

Let’s talk about it: mercury retrograde – the hated time where all things seem to go wrong, technology faulters and glitches, and people just seem to misunderstand us. But what if the biggest side effect of Mercury retrograde is that we as a people have been talking about it all wrong? What if mercury retrograde isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

I know we’ve been doing a lot of astrology posts lately, but there’s a lot going on up there right now!

First, let’s take a second to pause and ask ourselves what Mercury rules in the first place.

Mercury is all about communication and technology, yes. But it’s also a lot about thinking, knowledge, communicating ideas, technical details, learning, curiosity, bursts of insight (think light-bulb moments), short-distance travel, and the synergizing of things.

But just because mercury is in retrograde, it doesn’t mean that all of these things will be negativity impacted. It all depends on where Mercury is retrograde.

From May 10th to June 3rd, Mercury will start retrograde in Gemini, and end in Taurus.

Mercury feels really natural in Gemini, the sign of technology, socialization, and learning. Taurus energy is all about self-reliance, understanding our values, feeling comforted, safe, and secure, and also a little bit about splurging on ourselves in many ways – so, Mercury is having a good time in these two signs.

Meaning, this Mercury retrograde shouldn’t be too bad.

Putting this together, this is actually a fantastic time to step away from social media, learn something new, and really think about how to make that dream come true in practical time. It’s hermit mode time, but in a good way!

If your phone is being glitchy, or your TV, or if you’re feeling disinterested in anything in your life…that’s not Mercury just saying “haha, I’m in retrograde so I’m gonna mess stuff up.” That’s Mercury trying to tell you something needs to change. Shift focus where possible to something that does interest or fascinate you, and put energy into that.

If your friends seem to be misunderstanding you, flaking on plans last minute, or breaking those travel-plans, it’s Mercury telling you to stay home, stay in, and reconnect with what makes you feel special, and reconsider what you value in friendships and life.

Some things are true: it’s not the best time short-distance travel, your car may have issues, and in Taurus - it’s probably not the best time to spend a lot of money.

But this energy is truly great for productivity when it comes to dream projects or side hustles. It’s a great time to go inward and re-evaluate what you’re actually interested in and change directions a little bit.

How has Mercury retrograde been treating you so far? Let’s talk about it over on Instagram and Facebook!

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