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The Mocktail Witch Recipes: Energize

A magical and caffeinated potion to promote focused energy without the anxiety jitters

Witchy mocktail recipe
Energerize Mocktail

Energize Mocktail Recipe

  • 1.5 oz Cosmic Corner Focused Energy tea blend*

  • 1 oz blue lotus/butterfly pea flower simple syrup*

  • 1 oz aloe water

  • ¼ oz pineapple juice

  • ⅛ oz lime juice

  • Top with soda water

This drink is a wonderful energy boost that also packs a calming effect, promoting balanced energy that is as grounding as it is invigorating. The flavor profile is sweet, floral, light and slightly tropical. Listed below are the magical and medicinal properties of the ingredients in this drink.

Focused energy tea blend:

a blend of yerba mate and green tea with mango and orange notes. Promotes a clear, focused energy that is energizing without being overstimulating

Yerba mate:

balanced energy, supports cognition and memory, boosts immune system, high in vitamins and nutrients, digestive aid

Green tea:

supports cognition, aids digestion, relieves headaches

Orange peel:

abundance, luck


healing, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, improves skin health, reduces heartburn

Blue Lotus:

euphoria (in large doses), third eye opener, lucid dreaming, aphrodisiac, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, helps with digestion

Butterfly Pea Flower:

transformation, serenity, love, protection, divine feminine, renewal, romance, anti-inflammatory, reduce anxiety, promote better sleep, improve circulation, high in antioxidants, good for skin health

Mocktail Recipe:

For garnish:

  • Pour some honey on a small plate

  • Using a separate plate pour some of the loose tea blend Focused Energy

  • Dip half on the glass’s rim into the honey and then dip the honey rimmed glass into the tea (try not to get it on the inside of the glass)

Put all your ingredients (minus the soda water) in your shaker or into a glass, making sure to stir well. If you have a shaker it will give a nice layer of foam to the top of the drink. Pour into your garnished glass (see below) and top with soda water.

*Brew the focused energy tea ahead of time. Put it in the fridge while it steeps until cold (you want the flavor to be pretty strong)

*How to make the Blue Lotus Syrup:


  • filtered water or filtered moon water

  • About 2 handfuls of blue lotus (if you get this at cosmic corner it ends up being about half the bag contents)

  • Slightly less but an almost equal amount of butterfly pea flower (about ⅓ of the bag contents if purchased from Cosmic)

  • 2 cups white sugar


  • Put 2 cups of filtered water in a pan, add blue lotus and butterfly pea flower tea leaves

    • You can do a spell or say a prayer here if you want to add your own magic. I recommend thanking the Blue Lotus and Butterfly Pea Flower for their assistance and for sharing their properties

  • Let sit on medium-high heat for 10 minutes

  • Strain tea leaves out and set aside to toss somewhere outside in nature or compost

  • Put strained liquid back on the stove and add the sugar

  • On low heat stir until all the sugar is dissolved

  • Pour into a air tight container and store in the fridge (be careful when you use not to stain your clothes)

If refrigerated this will be good for 2 weeks.

Let us know in the comments if you give this a try!

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