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Magical Things to Do With Toddlers

My niece is one-and-a-half, and loves being outside. Though her parents are not the witchy type, it makes me think of all the fun, nature-based things I could do with her. She’s starting to speak in sentences, and will guide you to her playroom if she wants you to play with her.

If you’ve got little ones in your life, here are some little ways you can interact with them outdoors, helping to teach them to appreciate nature – whether you’re spiritual, witchy, or just a family member wanting to bond with them.


Making wishes on dandelions is one of the sweetest things you can do. Though they might not be quite old enough to understand the concept of a wish, they may enjoy watching the little seedlings float away in the sky. If your little human is into bubbles, they’re probably like this too.

You yourself can whisper charms or whishes for them!

Nature walks

Whether they walk or you push them in a stroller, going on nature walks can be a nice refreshing breath of air. Try to go in the morning before it’s too hot, or in the evening. My favorite time is dusk, though my niece seems to prefer the mornings.

I follow her lead, and listen carefully for her “What’s that?”

Helping to point out different birds, flowers, or sensations like the breeze or the sound of a bird in the distance can help get them excited and fascinated with the world around them. Now my niece gasps when she hears a bird tweet, mimicking the sound herself.

Chalk Drawings

We have only a tiny sidewalk path from the row of parking to our front door, and we make use of it! Teach the little ones colors, draw them shapes and animals, and let them scribble. Perhaps their scribble could be turned into a sigil (if the parents are comfortable), or used as a taglock in a comfort and protection spell. See what color they seem to gravitate towards and you might find yourself thinking about color associations in a new way.

What are your favorite subtle magical things to do with your fellow tiny humans? Leave us a comment!

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