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3 Ways to Practice Local Magick in Savannah Georgia

The weather is warming up, and that golden sunshine is liquid motivation for some. I myself have been feeling pulled to practice spirituality and dabble in magick more, as well as exploring my local shops and parks. So let’s talk local magick!

Savannah is beautiful and witchy. If you’re in town and want a dose of magick, our shop Cosmic Corner is – of course- your first stop. We offer tarot, oracle, and astrology readings for those who want some personal magick (book here). If you’re a local and haven’t discovered our lists of ongoing events and classes, you can check them out here.

But other than a shameless self-promo, there is plenty of magick to practice among the cobblestone streets of beautiful Savannah.

Sitting under the sun at Forsyth Park is perfect for a “coven” picnic, where you can discuss witchy books, or celebrate the upcoming solstice or holiday with a lovely meal of corresponding foods.

At the time of writing this, Litha is around the corner. A lunch with cream and fruit sandwiches, strawberry lemonade, or any bread baked with corresponding herbs would be delicious on a Litha colored picnic blanket. Feel free to adjust to your diet and holiday!

But also, there are wildflowers, “weeds,” and even fruits that begin growing around Savannah that you can harvest and leave as offerings on an altar or to use during a ritual or spell.

Magnolia trees grow all around and are associated with fertility, Venus, and psychic development. Just ask before picking them from someone’s property, residential or commercial.

There is plenty of magick to do in Savannah, you can almost feel it pulse in the heat – or is that the humidity? Either way, if you stop by our shop or take inspiration from this post, make sure to tag us on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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