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The Full Moon and the New Moon Do the Same Thing

With the rise of attention to the moons ebbs and flows, most people have heard of a full moon or new moon ritual. But, what either represents can be confusing and counterintuitive.

They say the full moon is for releasing, but also for setting new intentions. At the same time, the new moon is a good time for creating new intention – and in spellwork, it’s commonly associated with banishing.

These associations are so similar for two completely different phases of the moon. It can be confusing to know which is the right way to go.

But, as with most things involving spirituality, it ultimately is a personal choice. Go with whichever meaning you feel more strongly connected with. And, if it changes, and changes again, that’s okay. Different life experiences and lessons learned can connect us with different perspectives.

The truth is, you should release and let go of things when you feel its time and ready. You should set new intentions when you feel like you need. You don’t need a phase of the moon to tell you when. It can useful; it can set deadlines for those who need more pressure to start on their ideas, or it can add a sense of routine.

Still, you shouldn’t ever feel confined by traditional meanings, associations, and rituals. Allow yourself to make those choices, and allow yourself to let them change as your practice grows.

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