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The Best Crystal Combination for Connection to the Divine

There seems to be two veins of spirituality.

The first is connecting with yourself. It is the inward work that is a catalyst for personal growth

Quite often though, people lean towards the other vein: connection to the divine.

We seek guidance from spirits above, whether we call them deities, gods, ancestors, or simply spirits. There are some things that are nice to hear and learn from others. And when we have lost sight of our inward path (perhaps we’re too busy or overwhelmed by choices), that is when the divine steps in.

In the midst of confusion, connecting with something else yields magical, uplifting results.

There are a multitude of ways to connect with the divine, or whatever you wish to call it. A popular method is by using crystals.

About a year ago, we at Cosmic created a blog post detailing how to use crystals, linked here. Though the post is old, the information is still great.

Today though, I’d like to talk about two crystals I have loved for connecting to the divine.


Selenite seems to glow, like our beautiful moon. While most use selenite for cleansing, it can also be used for connection to the spiritual realm. The beautiful glow directs light, and pure energy. Having it around your home can amplify positive energies of light – the more light you open yourself up to, the closer to the spiritual realm you can get. This will stimulate not just connection, but happiness and abundance.

These beautiful towers can be placed to amplify and direct that energy, be it on an altar or simply a bookshelf. They can be paired with other stones, as well.

That brings me to…


This stone works magic in two ways. It helps ease our worries and anxieties, which in turn help calm and open our mind to the higher realm. Amethyst then works with our third eye and crown chakras to connect us with that realm. Messages come through clearer, and are sent with loving, gentle energy.

This amethyst generator points directly to the heavens, contacting the realm directly and storing the power and messages in its base.

These two together can open you up to a world of light. One that stimulates honest, loving, gentle connection with the divine when you need it most.

Get The Bundle:

If you enjoy crystal combinations, you would enjoy our Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah, were we explore different pairings and crystal magic.

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