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10 ways to use Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can substitute any other crystal when it comes to spells and rituals. That means this powerful stone can be used for a multitude of things.

We’ve put together a list of ten of our favorite ways to use them in points or tumbled stones – you can shop our entire clear quartz collection here.

1. To charge other stones

This stone rarely has to be cleansed, and enhances the properties of other stones. Placing them around other crystals will help power them up.

2. To increase power of other stones in crystal grids

Same as the above! Placing clear quartz points in between other crystals in grids enhances and strengthens their power, intention, and manifestation ability.

3. Meditation

Hold some while you meditate and see what messages they have for you. Lemurian quartz specifically holds ancient knowledge you may find extra valuable.

4. Cleansing rituals

In cleansing baths, rituals, spells…you name is, clear quartz is there to help you out.

5. Moon & Sun waters

Drop some into a jar of moon or sun water to add extra magick and minerals to your water, strengthening their power in whatever you use them for next.

Warning: While there are no known negative affects of drinking clear quartz water, do your own research and be extremely cautious with crystal elixirs. We have a guide post here.

6. Increase your own power

In rituals and spells about confidence and power, adding a clear quartz or carrying one with you may be beneficial.

7. Store with tarot cards

Reduce the number of times you need to cleanse your cards and protect their energy by storing them with clear quartz

8. With Plants

Protect your plants and keep their cute pots decorated by placing some clear quartz in their pots.

9. In your car

Same with the tarot cards, clear the energy of your car and the passengers you have, past travels, and more. Also, keep your car protected.

10. Jewelry

Earrings, necklaces, there are so many reasons to use clear quartz as jewelry. Read our guide on jewelry and magick here.

How do you use your clear quartz? Share with us on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah for a chance to be featured – and get a bonus couple of tips on using clear quartz.

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