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Wait...How Do I Use Crystals? Three Answers.

They’re pretty, they’re everywhere, and suddenly they’re in your pockets…because, what else do you do with them? Crystals of all shapes, sizes, and types are gaining popularity. But for the beginner, it can be confusing to know what the heck to do with these pretty rocks.

Here are three ways to use crystals in our daily lives, besides just taking pictures of them.

1. Meditation

One of the most popular uses is to hold the stones or place them near you while meditating. Pick a crystal that you’re drawn to, or that correlates to the purpose of your meditation. If you’re opening yourself to self-love, holding a rose quartz may be useful. If you’re looking to ease your anxiety, maybe choose amethyst.

2. Crystal Elixirs

We have a great post here on the how to create crystal elixirs safely. But with even more thorough research, some crystal waters can be used to water plants to give them a boost of nutrients and minerals. Just make sure your crystals are water safe. These elixirs can also be used in spell jars, if you’re interested in witchcraft or magick.

3. Purposeful decoration

Shungite plates can help reduce harmful EMF waves coming from phones or computers. Hanging pieces of tourmaline from your car’s review mirror can be pretty and provide protection for travels. Moss Agate in houseplant pots can look gorgeous but also help plants heal.

Overall, find a crystal that you’re personally drawn to, research its uses, and see how you can apply it in your life. Jewelry, decoration, or just to keep in your pocket, crystals are beautiful, fun, and useful things to keep in our lives.

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