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Practicing Witchcraft Outdoors

It’s always sunny in Savannah. At least, at this time of year. The good weather is plenty motivation to work on spells and magick outside in the world around us. Good thing there’s plenty of ways to work magicks outside, should you choose to.

What I would first recommend is putting together a travel altar.

We have a great blog post here on Cosmic-Corner for putting one together. I like having a one in a travel sized bag that I can take to the beach, on road trips, or out to a picnic should I want to.

If there’s a particular spell you have in mind, I would definitely work on building your travel altar around that spell, so you have everything you need, to-go!

Next, pick a place, if it’s a large spell or ritual.

If you’re in Savannah, you’ll know there’s plenty of beautiful parks and squares to choose from. Still, they may be crowded. If you’re not looking for watchful eyes, pick a more private outdoor location or less popular park.

If you can’t get somewhere quiet, consider doing subtle spell craft, such as kitchen witchery, and taking the food on a picnic feast. That way, you and your coven or friends can honor deities and preform spells and get a tasty treat.

Heck, walking barefoot can be a subtle ritual that for grounding and centering your energy.

But outdoor witchcraft doesn’t have to be about ritual. It can simply involve using the elements:

  • Use sunlight to charge crystals, water, and other tools for spells later

  • Run tools and crystals under beach water or river water for cleansing

  • Pick wildflowers for altar decoration or herbalism (do research, and only pick things where you’re allowed to)

  • Visualizing wind cleansing yourself and your tools

  • Collecting soil for spellwork or altars.

  • Cleaning and picking up public trash as a ritual to honor and thank mother nature

How do you do spellwork outside? Let us know over on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah.

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